Brown is the most common hair color worldwide, but brown hair has a special charm. For the dark-haired ladies, a huge variety of hairstyles and different styling variants is possible. The different brown nuances: from dark and chocolate brown over caramel and maroon to mahogany Hair color – a spirited mix between red and brown, are unique and specific, emphasizing your beauty and individuality. Here is the answer to the question of how the stars like to wear their brown hair and which are the most modern hairstyles today. Take a look at the photos and be inspired!

Brown hair has a special charm

In principle, the lighter shades – such as hazelnut and caramel brown, women with warm skin tones are really good. The darker shades of brown and the striking combinations of red emphasize the facial features and are the best choice for a cooler skin color. Brown hair has an interesting advantage – compared to the blond ones they shine more because they reflect the light better. No matter what hairstyle you choose for your brown hair – modern or retro look, make sure your hair does not cover your face. Ideally, the hairstyle forms a harmonious whole with your face, therefore, most hair styling experts advise in choosing the haircut also to consider the face shape and features. Brown hair allows all styling variants – from classic to extravagant, of course, depending on their length. In principle, the brighter the brown shade, the more volume is allowed. Currently, the dark-haired ladies are very modern medium-length hairstyles with side bangs and the half-raised variants in which the hair is placed only on one shoulder. The asymmetric cuts and the step cut brunette are also particularly good, because they give the hair a certain structure. See the photos of the stars below to see for yourself!

Trendy hairstyles for brown hair, inspired by the stars

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