Christmas is one of the most popular festivals of the year and radiates a certain amount of magic. That is why there are many beautiful sayings for the Christmas season – wise thoughts that express the specific spirit and the characteristic atmosphere of the festival. In this article, we offer you some original Christmas sayings by known and unknown German authors. Read these short thoughts for enjoyment or use them for the Christmas greetings cards to wish your friends, relatives and co-workers a happy holiday in a creative way.

Wise thoughts for Christmas

Some Christmas sayings even sound philosophical, as they express the thoughts and feelings of the author that have been awakened by the Christmas season. An excellent example of this are the following quotes:

Christmas is not a season. It’s a feeling.

Edna Ferber

It’s nice to meet the eyes of someone who has just been given something.

Jean de la Bruyère

I will honor Christmas in my heart and try to keep it up all year round.

Charles Dickens

Giving means giving another person what they want to keep for themselves.

Selma Lagerlof

Christmas is in the air only when Christmas is at heart.

William Turner Ellis

Happiness often comes from attentions in small things.

Wilhelm Busch

The way of giving is more important than the gift itself.

Pierre Corneille

Christmas sayings in verse

The verses in verse sound romantic and show the essence of Christmas – a feast of family, love, contemplation …


Market and streets stand abandoned, silent
enlightens every house, I walk thoughtfully
through the streets, everything looks so festive.
At the windows women have colorful
Toy decorated with grace, a thousand
Children stand and look, they are
wonderfully happy. And I turn
from the walls to the open field, dear
Shine, holy showers! How so far
and quiet the world! Star up the circles
loop, out of the snow loneliness
it’s like wonderful singing – O you
Gracious time!

Joseph von Eichendorff


From the sky to the deepest clefts
mild star dies down; from
Tannenwalde rise scents and candleshelle
will be the night. My heart is so happy
that’s the love
Christmas time! I hear from far away
Church bells, in fairytale tinder
Glory. A pious magic keeps me
down, adoring, amazed I have to stand
it sinks on my eyelids, I feel it, one
Miracle has happened.

Theodor Fontane

Now the Christmas candles light up again
and awaken joy in all hearts. your
dear parents, these days, what shall we do
sing, what should we say? We want
Wish you to the holy feast of
Beautiful, the good of the good
Best! We want to thank you for all
Gifts and still want you
to have.

Gustav Falcon

A merry Christmas, a happy one
Thinking about the past, a little bit
Believe in the morning and hope for the
We wish the future with all our hearts.

Christmas is everywhere on this
Earth the most intimate celebration, full of good hope
and impatient anticipation. I’m sending you
greetings and with this little card
wish you happy holidays.


Where the branches hang the most, the
The deepest snow, there is the
Dusk time in the forest the Christ child
went. It had to hurt wacker,
because there’s a huge bag for miles
Piggyback on the slender shoulders
carried. Two playing bunnies were sitting
ducked by the snowy rain. That hit such
dazzling appearance that they are playing
forgot. But the squirrel picked up
sniffed the ears and searched the
half the night, whether the Christ Child of all his
Splendor not lost a single nut.

Anna Ritter

Funny Christmas sayings

Do you want to greet your friends or colleagues in a fun way for Christmas? Then you are right here! Our funny Christmas sayings will give you inspiration.

I do not want warm socks,
I do not want gold, no money,
I just wish you to cook
the best Christmas goose in the world.

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