You would like to design a cozy living space? Setting up a relaxing corner in the room is the perfect idea! And how can you do that? Very easy, by tinkering an individual piece of furniture! Beanbag for example! It is unnecessary to buy one as it is easy to sew! Read here how you can make a bean bag yourself! This will give you an always very attractive place to offer to the whole family, your guests and friends!

Beanbag itself make for good mood!

Before you make your beanbag yourself, you need the following materials:

Sufficient fabric for the cover: for the top; the lower part and the side parts;

Sewing machine;

Cardboard for the templates;

sewing needle;



Scissors, pen and ruler;

Filling material (for example polystyrene);

You need it while making your own!


Draw the stencils on cardboard!

Select fabric for ticking or outer bag! The more colorful and original the outer shell, the more impressive the beanbag will be! It is recommended that you use a fine cotton fabric for the inner bag!

Cut fabric! With the cut-out cardboard stencils you can transfer the measurements cleanly to the fabric! Do not forget that the fabric should be cut according to the templates!

Now sew the pieces of fabric together and nibble the seams with a zigzag line!

It is important that the cover remains open on one side, so that the bean bag can be filled!

Now fill the bag with the filling material! Pour polystyrene balls or foam flakes into the inner bag! Make sure that the bag should not be filled too tightly with the packaging chips!

And now the same with the outer shell!

Provide the beanbag with a zipper!

The beanbag is already done!

That’s how it’s done!

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Homemade beanbag combines comfort and design!

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