Could you imagine a bath without tiles? Tiles” are one of the most popular bathroom floor coverings and wall because they durable water-resistant very easy to clean. but there better alternatives how can you make a bit more unusual without tiles answer be found in this article here some creative ideas variants for tiles. photos would also give interesting examples regard may help your modern attractive. we hope enjoy our suggestions reading>

Tile-free bathroom design for a unique bathroom

How can you design a bathroom without tiles? Actually, there are many more alternatives to the traditional tiled walls and floors than you might think – decorative wall plasters and wallpaper designed specifically for the bathroom; waterproof wall coatings; Wood paneling that creates a wonderful cozy ambience in the bathroom; Plastic panels that impress with their modern look, etc. The different variants can be combined with each other, so you end up with a contemporary, unusual-looking bathroom. Below, we briefly discuss the various options for tile-free bathroom design that you can choose. As I said, the photos also illustrate some original design solutions and can be perfectly used as a perfect example. Continue reading!

Bathroom without tiles: wall design with wallpaper

For some years, the wall design with wallpaper in the bathroom is becoming more popular. Of course you do not use the traditional wallpaper, which can be used in the living room, bedroom or kitchen, but special non-woven wallpaper, which are designed for the humid area. They are water and steam resistant, and like the traditional wallpapers they impress with cheerful shapes and patterns that can turn the bathroom into a real oasis of well-being. Motif wallpapers of your choice allow you to create great accent walls in the bathroom – especially attractive and modern lately are the abstract geometric patterns that are simply ideal for a minimalist bathroom. In addition, these wallpapers are easy to clean and often they are equipped with additives against bacteria and mold, which make it easier to keep the good hygiene in the bathroom. Because of their special coating, they do not absorb moisture and so protect the walls in front of it.

Bathroom without tiles: wood creates a cozy atmosphere

Would you like to create a cozy ambience in the bathroom? Then the wood is the right choice for you! Special waterproof wooden panels are available for the floor as well as for the walls in the bathroom. As a natural material, the wood absorbs the moisture, so no condensation – in this way, mold is avoided. Pine is simply perfect for the bathroom, because this type of wood has an antibacterial effect and impresses with its attractive appearance. As a floor covering in the bathroom, real wood needs a lot of care – it should be oiled and varnished regularly, but the effort is well worth it because the wood creates warmth and a feeling of well-being in every room.

Bathroom without tiles – modern design solutions

A great idea for the bathroom without tiles is also a rough accent wall made of concrete or natural stone. Both materials are extremely durable, true to color and would give your bathroom a really interesting look. Concrete brings an urban flair with it, while natural stone creates a welcoming, rural atmosphere. If you choose the second option, it is better if the stone is sanded smooth – the rough surface is much more difficult to clean. A particularly attractive option that you can choose from is the colored glass panels. The wall design with glass looks super modern, and allows you to set fascinating accents in the bathroom. These types of panels are also thermally and water resistant, so they can also be used next to showers and bathtubs. The glass gets dirty quickly but can be cleaned just as quickly and is no less durable than traditional tiles.

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