The time of ordinary wet cells is over. The usual, traditional requirements for a normal bathroom were a comfortable toilet pot, a wide bathtub, a cabinet, a mirror and a toilet paper holder, but today everything looks different. Immediately anticipated: In 2018, the hygiene area will become a cozy wellness oasis, including a carpet, pictures on the wall, plants and a wood-burning stove. As a private retreat, the bathroom is now given more importance even as the bedroom. That’s why its features this year are among the main topics at the furniture fair in Cologne, where the hot trends in sanitary equipment are presented. According to a survey by GfK , the Germans spend almost 45 minutes a day in the bathroom and the trend is rising. People no longer want a bathroom today but a bathroom that meets their needs in every way. The modern interior – the floor-level shower and the barrier-free bathroom area are on the agenda.

The floor-level shower – the new bathroom design technique and pure aesthetics in harmony

What is the difference between a former wet room and a modern bathroom? – Olaf Kitzig , one of the most famous interior designers, defines him as follows: “The trend is absolute flexibility.” The new design is characterized by open planning, the meaning of which is the continuous bathroom. The increasing importance of the bathroom requires a device that on the one hand gives the room a sense of cosiness, on the other offers visual generosity and freedom of movement. Not least for this reason, the floor-level showers are a total fixture. In addition to the aesthetic impression, they guarantee high functionality. For sanitary manufacturers and designers, the focus is on the clear look and cozy atmosphere. The innovative design of the floor-level shower represents a complete shower experience that could previously only be guaranteed by the most common spa showers. The real relaxation while bathing is thus achievable, so that the bath is already considered passé. The current bathroom trend by Kaldewei follows the trendy design for floor-level showers , combining modern technology, aesthetics and high-quality manufacturing.

Bathroom Talks 2018: From Grandma Look to Dream Bath

The 5 golden rules for a wellness oasis

Finally, we have put together a few rules for you, which are characterized by the latest trends in bathroom design. They help you not to miss the smallest finishes in the bathroom design. Because, as already emphasized several times, the bathroom is today the room in the apartment, which can be transformed with the right design into a wellness oasis and where the quality of living is measured.

  1. Whether you want to renovate or rebuild your bathroom, take enough time to plan. The smaller the bathroom, the better it would be if it is barrier-free. If possible, rely on open planning, large windows and plenty of natural light.
  2. Do not use the bathtub if you do not have a 50 m² bathroom. A floor-level shower is the better alternative – walk-in, easy to clean and nice looking.
  3. Be sure to buy the right bathroom” furniture> . Not a warehouse with many shelves should be the goal, but to create the balance between storage space and free space.
  4. Do not forget the ventilation, it’s about a bathroom, after all.
  5. Decorate” the bathroom> according to the popular interior design style.

Place great emphasis on comfort and beauty in bathroom design

Time also costs money in hectic life. 45 minutes a day, 16,425 minutes a year – that’s how much time you spend in the bathroom for bathing, hairstyling, make-up, shaving, dressing. We all want to take a shower every day, but not everyone has the opportunity to spend an hour a day in the bathtub. If the bathtub is missing, that is no reason for worries. No other shower can give you such a feeling of freedom and relaxation as the floor level. Avoid shower cubicles, bathtubs and enclosed spaces for the ultimate showering experience.

Freedom is not a dream, it is limitless, but it lies behind the walls that we build ourselves! (Volksweisheit)

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