Baroque furniture is not old-fashioned – they can form a noble ambience in every home and can be combined surprisingly well with the modern minimalist design.

Baroque furniture radiates luxury and elegance

Baroque furniture was especially popular from the beginning of XVII to the middle of XVIII century throughout Western Europe. The magnificent baroque interior demonstrates power and fortune, so it was mostly found in churches or palaces. The residence of King Louis XIV in Versailles – one of the greatest attractions in France, is precisely in this characteristic decided for the era style.

Unique living landscapes

His modernized interpretation is called Neo-Baroque. The trend of arranging furniture from a bygone era according to the rules of modern interior design is particularly popular today. The Cause – Baroque furniture has unique beauty and can give any room a sumptuous atmosphere.

Characteristic features

Luxury is perhaps the most important characteristic of Baroque furniture. Usually they are massive, magnificent, with interesting ornaments and many small details. Their upholstery is often made of fine fabrics such as delicate silk or cretonne. The colors, typical of the Baroque era, are deep and full – for example burgundy red (the royal color), gold and dark green.

At the same time classic and modern

Authentic Baroque furniture is not a cheap affair. They are most often found in the antique shops for their great historical value. That is why these furniture are ideal if you want to bring a touch of history into your own four walls.

Set accents

Baroque furniture can be combined well with the modern decor. In this way unique living landscapes emerge, which give the room an individual character. You can set accents with individual pieces of furniture in this style or arrange a whole group of such pieces of furniture. In this case, the rest of the room should be sparsely furnished so that the result is not kitschy.

To create a splendid and stylish atmosphere

Baroque furniture is breathtakingly stylish, but above all you have to be able to put it right in the scene. Original wallpaper with baroque patterns and wooden parquet flooring are the ideal background for the furniture in this style.

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