The baby shower is a tradition from the United States, which has recently prevailed in Germany. It’s actually a party that is celebrated a few months before the birth – when the baby’s gender is already clear – by the mother and her friends and female relatives. The baby shower is actually the first celebration organized for the child and that’s what makes the occasion really special. If you like the idea for such a festival, you are in the right place! Here we give you some creative ideas on how to make baby shower decoration yourself to create a pretty festive atmosphere. Let yourself be inspired!

Baby Shower Decoration: great ideas for the first party you organize for your child

Babyparty Deko Luftballons Girlande Partymotto
Babyparty Deko selber basteln
Babyparty Deko Cupcakes verzieren
Babyparty Deko Tischdeko leckere Speisen
Babyparty Deko Papierblumen
Babyparty Deko originelle Einladungen
Babyparty Deko Windeltorte basteln
Babyparty Deko Gläsern mit Süssigkeiten
Babyparty Deko leckere Gerichte
Babyparty Deko Karamel Popcorn
Babyparty Deko Cupcakes mit rosa Glasur
With the impressive Baby Shower Deco you express your enthusiasm that a new life is born – namely your own son or daughter. This makes the baby shower a particularly emotional and memorable experience, where the future mother shares her joy with some of her favorite people. Although most of the time they are just friends, the men in the family can also participate in the festival – for the future father, grandfather or uncle, this is also a particularly happy moment. When it comes to decoration, it is often chosen according to the gender of the baby, following a rosy color scheme for the girls and a blue one for the boys. Of course, this is not a fixed rule and you can opt for shades according to your personal preferences. There are also parents who do not want to know the gender of the child in advance – for them we have also prepared some neutral suggestions. Read on to find out what you need for the baby shower decoration!

Baby shower make decoration yourself – helpful tips

Babyparty Deko Girlande Partymotto Mädchen
Babyparty Deko Cupcakes verzieren mit Fondant
Babyparty Deko Ende Oktober Halloween
Babyparty Deko Girlanden selber basteln
Babyparty Deko Mädchen
Babyparty Deko Outdoor Luftballons
Babyparty Deko herrliche Cupcakes
Babyparty Deko originell Junge Klammoten
Babyparty Deko Junge Farbschema Blau
Babyparty Deko Ideen für den Herbst
Babyparty Deko Papierblumen selber machen
Babyparty Deko Windeltorte als Geschenk
Babyparty Deko Cupcakes rosa und gelb
Babyparty Deko Papierblumen in den Regenbogenfarben
Babyparty Deko basteln aus Papier
Babyparty Deko tolle Plätzchen
Baby shower decoration to make yourself, is fun and really easy. For a great result you need sweets and drinks. Bake your favorite cupcakes and cookies and decorate them with Baby Shower Decoration – inspiring ideas
Babyparty Deko Gasteschenke Geschenkbox
Babyparty Deko Gastgeschenke verpacken
Babyparty Deko tolle Tischdeko selber machen
Babyparty Deko Tischdeko Geschirr Buchhelden
Babyparty Deko Süssigkeiten anrichten
Babyparty Deko Mottoparty Film
Babyparty Deko Torte mit Fondant verzieren
Babyparty Deko eindrucksvolle Torte
Babyparty Deko Cupcakes selber backen
Babyparty Deko Windeltorte Pampers
Babyparty Deko Cupcakes verzieren mit Frosting und Fondant
A nice touch is also to buy or make your own special gifts for the guests, and to wrap them up creatively (an idea for a great gift box packaging can be found in the photos above). Guests will remember the festival by giving them a little souvenir. And before you forgive the gifts, you will beautify them the party table! You can also make original invitation cards for the party – you can either paint them yourself or use ready-made templates that you have downloaded for free from the net. Another creative idea is to create a scrapbook – for the purpose you can use a simple booklet. There, your guests can write a message for the child, and as your son or daughter gets older, you can give him / her the booklet or read out the congratulations – so the child will convince himself that it was so much loved even before it was born. We wish you an unforgettable baby shower!

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