Crochet baby shoes is one of the most popular DIY activities for the mothers and one of the loveliest handcrafted patterns. Many of us have a nostalgic couple, carefully preserved from childhood on. They are the perfect gifts for baby shower or birthday and can also serve a charitable purpose. Crochet baby shoes is easy and fast and the variety of crochet patterns is endless. Some of the most beautiful patterns, as well as a baby shoes crochet tutorial will be presented in this post, so you can put a smile on the face of the little baby!

Crochet baby shoes Instructions for beginners

1st step – select Gran

A soft, light yarn is best for baby shoes, such as superfine or fine yarn. You will find that on the packaging. Choose this yarn and color that you like the most and that the baby shoes also feel nice and soft.

2nd step – The right hook

You need a hook of size G-6 (4 mm).


Start with 11 airmeshes. That’s the basis for your baby shoes. You should have 24 stitches when you finish the first round.

Step 4

Make two chain stitches and join them with two half double stitches. Then crochet eight half double stitches, followed by five stitches, each with two half double stitches. Then return to the simple half double stitches for the next eight stitches and then make another five stitches, each with two half double stitches. Join this round with a slip stitch in the initial phase. You should have 32 stitches at the end of this round.

This is only the beginning of our guide to help you understand it, take a look at the sequel in this video:

Many interesting crochet patterns can be found in our gallery! Let yourself be inspired!

Crochet crochet pattern for baby shoes for 30 minutes

Crochet baby shoes for the winter

The colors for these baby shoes were inspired by winter, but baby can wear them comfortably in any season. The laces are a nice touch. This crochet pattern comes with a helpful video tutorial so people new to crochet will find the resources here helpful.

Crochet “Slip on” baby shoes

Baby shoes crochet instruction for free

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