Have you ever heard nails from the baby boomer? If not, you are right here! In this post you will learn all about this beautiful nail design, which impresses with its simple elegance and naturalness and remains fully in fashion! In addition, we will explain step by step how to make such a manicure very easily. Let yourself be inspired and enjoy reading!

Baby boomer design – stylish, natural and suitable for all occasions

Under baby boomer nails is actually a very discreet and natural-looking nail design that is achieved by a gentle gradient from the French tip to the nail bed. It’s actually a special form of Ombre nails, which has been very popular for several years. If the manicure is done professionally, the design is not recognizable at first glance, because they look like very well-kept natural nails – just perfect for all the ladies who do not want to wear eye-catching” nail> designs for professional reasons. The baby boomers have their interesting name because of their original target group – the women, born between 1946 and 1960, who often wish for unobtrusive, but well-maintained manicures. Characteristic of this period were the high birth rates, and from this comes the name “baby boomers”. Below we will show you step by step how you could make the design yourself at home. For this you need one of the special sets for baby boomer nails that you could buy from the drugstore or order online. The set should contain at least three different gels – a white or pink primer, a special French gel for the nail tips, and a make-up gel that would give your nails additional shine. In it, a small UV lamp should be present under the light, the individual gel layers are cured.

Baby boomer make nails yourself – instructions in 6 easy steps

  1. The first step is the preparation of the nails. Push the cuticle back and give the nails the desired shape with scissors. The nail shape actually does not matter much, because the Baby Boomer design is well suited for extremely long as well as very short nails. Finally, you should still file your manicure and you’re done!

  1. Next, apply a thin layer of gundier gel to your nails. The gel is cured under the light of a UV lamp for 2 minutes. The gel will hold particularly well when it is lightly rubbed into the nail surface when applied with a brush.

  1. Then a special white French gel is applied to the nail tip. Allow the gel to drain slightly to the nail bed for the desired ombre look. If you are already satisfied with the result, allow the gel to cure for another 2 minutes under UV light. Any errors can be quickly and easily corrected with a cotton swab.

  1. Now you should spread the special make-up gel on the entire nail surface and also let it cure for 2 minutes under the UV lamp. This gel usually has a delicate pink shade that resembles the natural main color. After curing you would already be able to see the harmonious color gradient from nail tip to nail bed.

  1. Optionally, your Baby Boomer Set could also include one or two additional gels that help model the structure of the nails – giving you an even more elegant and natural-looking effect. To emphasize the color of the manicure slightly, a pink gel is applied to it. And those who prefer it discreet, could also opt for a white gel. The curing time is again 2 minutes.

  1. Finally, you should file your Baby Boomer nails again with a high-quality nail file, and then smooth with a Flex File – use best files with stainless steel core, so as not to injure the cuticle. For additional protection, you could also seal your manicure – for a look as natural as possible, we recommend a sealing gel with matt effect. Finished!

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