Short days, light cold and falling leaves. It’s time again – autumn is here! Autumn leaves bring great colors of fire and unfortunately not always in a good mood. Summer is over, it is getting colder and winter is slowly knocking on the door. Often you feel limp, without motivation and melancholy. It’s just that you do not feel as light and energetic in autumn and winter as in spring or summer. There are so many beautiful things that bring autumn and winter. It starts a time with many festivals. In the old days, when people gathered their harvest from the field, the time came to celebrate, as a reward for the good work. And this will continue until the end of the year, so that people get back to work in the New Year and start preparing. Do not sleep the winter, because he brings precious time, which does not come again.

Collect natural materials with your children and then work together with them. This can be wood, thin twigs, bark pieces or autumn leaves in a variety of shapes and colors. As a precaution, lay the leaves in thick books and squeeze them for 2-3 days. Then you can create imaginative animals that make you smile.

Autumn Leaves Deco with Leaves

Colorful autumn leaves for a good mood

Paint the autumn leaves according to their feeling and color desire, you get great craft motifs in a variety of color and shape.

Autumn leaf impression with colors to make yourself

Great ideas for impressions of autumn leaves to make yourself

Tinker with autumn leaves

Bring the natural materials to life. You do not need much of it to get something done right.

Handicrafts with chestnuts and autumn leaves

A few great crafting ideas for the time together with the kids.

Roses make from autumn leaves

Colorful butterflies from leaves

Door deco with autumn leaves

Colorful leaves mosaic on the appointment book

Candle decoration to knock

Autumnal patchwork quilt

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