The long-established western representation of the Zodiac Aquarius as a water carrier is recognized. You are a true Aquarius if you were born between January 20th and February 18th. If you feel that people can not be characterized by astrology, Aquarius is definitely their zodiac sign. You are welcome to celebrate the existence of this great Lord in your life. The variety of Aquarius tattoo designs allows you to select a gorgeous body art that could represent your true inner character.

Aquarius knows no inhibitions, is open and direct

Aquarians are known for being calm and laid back. They have a tireless faith in God. Like a typical Aquarius, you appreciate the world that revolves around you more than any other person. If you are a fan of blue and green colors then you are a true Aquarius. It would be nice to have tattoos made with these shades.

Still, the color you choose for your Aquarius tattoo will be fine as long as you find the good one

Tattoos will be magnificent works of art if you let them grow with you. The Aquarius icon is a wonderful piece of art that stands up for all your views as you proudly wear your mark. If you love the soothing sound of the ocean waves, you can find your peace in the icon, which looks a bit like the waves because it is composed of two wavy horizontal and parallel lines.

The symbol of Aquarius – two wavy horizontal and parallel lines

Because Aquarians love the world in which they live, their love of plants is inevitable. You can add a bit of nature to your skin by incorporating a refreshing mix of different plants and flowers into the Aquarius tattoo. Flower plants such as Bird of Paradise, Dandelion, Goldenrod and Orchid can give a vibrant touch to your zodiac tattoo.

You can add a piece of nature to your Aquarius tattoo

Some people prefer a direct style, so the type of tattoo you choose is just like your zodiac. If you’re one of those people, you can be daring, straightforward and modern with a tattooed Aquarius tattoo. Letter Tattoos are not easy, but not impossible to do.

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