The vintage-styled furnishings are above all a sense of charm and history made by old eclectic pieces. With the addition of antiques, collectibles, flea market finds, and estate sales items, you can develop a vintage atmosphere. Vintage interior design is about embracing the things of the past and enjoying them the way they are, by repairing them or reworking them. Excellent locations for procuring vintage finds are flea markets, estate sales, salvage shops, consignment shops and antique shops.

In this beautiful vintage interior, you can combine old items with modern equipment such as a computer, modern furniture and modern lighting because the vintage tables, armchairs and cabinets add an incredible charm to the interior design.

If you can not stand the word minimalism, then the vintage styling is what you might be interested in. Under this style you can imagine everything historical or classical. Let’s focus on a few signs that best describe deisen age style.
At the beginning it is also necessary to explain that the vintage style is not retro. The border between the two species is not easy, but not impossible to find. Among retro products from the 60s and 70s of the last century, we mainly think of those that are designed with rounded shapes and bright colors. The vintage elements are in neutral shades, where it can be seen as a patina of history. The vintage of nature means quality. So the elements that mature over time increase their value and pass the test of time. So, what is typical of such an interior?

Vintage style furnishings in a modern apartment

1st quality
Choose items that have been time-checked. So you prefer those that are still very impressive, although they were developed decades ago, for example chairs by Charles Eamse or lamps by Achille Castiglioni and the like. Quality is an essential factor material used. The vintage inherent quality natural materials, chairs with leather upholstery, bronze and tin accessories, stone elements (tiles, marble countertops), hardwood floor and furniture by him.

The vintage kitchen means high quality

2nd trademark ‘Second time’
On the vintage-style items you can see the ravages of time. There may be imperfections in the material, sometimes even artificially added. The new things look like they’ve served decades indoors. These include the small scratch marks on the paint and the inequalities in the wood or leather.

Old chandeliers for a vintage atmosphere

3. Colors
The vintage-style dwellings must have a quiet, indelible mark, which excludes the unmistakably vibrant colors that make the mind go to action. Above all, we have peace and quiet here. This style means classic and belongs to the neutral colors or earth tones. If you choose the colors in your interior, choose the bronze or ocher color, greenish …

Delicate colors in the vintage living room

4. Vintage style furniture
In Vintage Interior you will feel well and relaxed. As a rule, there are more pieces of furniture that have rounded shapes and are based on the traditional country style. The rooms also decorated a lot of lights. We find that there are in addition to the ceiling lights and a few table and floor lamps. The textile also plays an important role.

Classic vintage furniture

5. Textile in vintage interior
The textiles are also very important. In addition to the curtains in the room, many pillows, blankets and plaids are used. Of course there are rugs in different sizes and designs. The vintage wallpaper and the colorful walls are also part of it. The decor should be an elegant, moderate and unobtrusive atmosphere and induce.

Wallpaper for vintage atmosphere

Here are some ideas and tips on how to start decorating your home with this chic style home d├ęcor. The cool vintage charm is so amazing and inviting that you do not have to think long about having such home furnishings in your home.

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