You want a little variety and finally a different hair color? Are you in front of the color palettes at your hairdresser and do not know which color fits you best? Then you are right here! With our helpful tips and excellent picture gallery you will get to know the new trends and choose the right hair color according to your skin tone and your eyes. Immerse yourself in the world of different color palettes and bring a new shine in your hair!

Color palettes for brunettes: Create a natural look

If you want to underline your natural beauty, the brown is just for you! It fits perfectly as a contrast to bright eyes. But do not think that the hair color can only be brown. The color palettes contain different shades of brown and the choice is not that easy. Light brown, medium brown or dark brown depends on your complexion and eyes. There are also many gradations – gold line or red line. But you have to know the most important thing – with brown shades, there is always a share of red, then this color does not fit so well to a summer type. With a dark complexion and naturally brown hair, there is no doubt – all shades of brown will suit you! But if you are looking for more variety, choose the darker nuances. If you want to change from a dark tone to a lighter shade, the hair must first be bleached and then dyed brown. An olive complexion with a yellow or gold stitch will fit caramel, bronze and maroon. That’s also trendy!

Show extravagance with the red color palettes

In this color palette there is also a great variety – from dark red next to carrot and copper to red blond. For naturally blonde hair, fair skin and blue or green eyes, red-blond shades or bright copper shades are best. The complexion plays a big role here. If it is bluish-rosy or olive, choose nuances like burgundy and pick eggplant. But if you have a skin with a yellowish undertone, all warm reds like copper or rose gold will fit. If your natural hair color is dark brown, do not experiment with a light red color. It’s best to choose the reddish browns.

The biggest color palette is the blond

No hair color is as eye-catching as the blond hair! They also offer a variety of nuances. When you hear of blond, you always have platinum blonde in front of your eyes. It is a very eye-catching hair color and is worn by models. This color is not suitable for everyone. You must have a light skin tone and bright or best blue eyes. The blond does not just have that nuance. So that the blonde color shines great, pay attention beforehand on the hair structure. Blond often means stress. Start with blond strands. They are no longer trendy, but if you merge the natural brown with blond, that is already fashion! You can easily do that with different color techniques. But you will learn about that in the lower section

Trends 2016: Balayage and Ombré

The trends this year are not so in color palettes, but in dyeing techniques. Go away from monochrome hair colors. Highlights and shades create a natural look. Top Trend 2016 is the dyeing technique “Balayage”. With this technique, the hairdresser applies the paint freehand with a brush. This results in highlights in different strength and intensity. This fits perfectly with the natural light brown hair, if you want to bring highlights with blond. Contrast is very fashionable this year, which is best done with Ombré! This coloring technique can be seen in the picture – dark above and brightly colored below.

Highlights can be set with violet strands

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