The symbols determine the character and the dreams. For centuries, the symbols were considered an incredible source of power. Today, we must first learn to revert to these sources by learning to re-understand the language of the symbols. The most popular is the symbol of strength that can give you strength and courage, and you will be sure that you can fight any difficult situation. You can have a symbol as an amulet, jewelry, tattoo or simply formed. There are many different symbols of power specific to individual cultures and religions. We have found the frequent symbols for strength for you. Choose your own unique power symbol that will protect and keep you motivated.

The lion – animal symbol for strength

The lion is one of the most important symbols for strength. As “king of animals” he symbolizes pride and power. The lion is considered a symbol of power for many cultures. Many African or Asian rulers were depicted with a lion. The Egyptian warrior and sun goddess Sekhmet was also depicted with a lion’s head. The lion in Buddhism means a guardian of the cosmic laws and even Buddha himself sits on many pictures on a lion’s throne. In the Jewish tradition, the lion is the symbol of cruelty and strength. This symbol can be tattooed or depicted on an amulet and worn as jewelry.

The bear is the heraldic and Celtic symbol of strength

The heraldic symbols are the basis of the coat of arms design. According to heraldry, the bear is an emblem of strength and cruelty. He is also a symbol of healing and health. The coat of arms of the cities of Berlin and Bern show a bear. According to heraldry, the color blue also means strength. According to Celtic mythology, the bear is designated as a symbol of strength and warrior. For Indian star signs, the bear is like our virgin. The amulets with a bear are as guardian angels. The meaning of the bear tattoo is related to the overall picture of how to draw the bear. You can see him as good, but also as evil. In the general case, however, this tattoo means power and strength.

The Chinese symbol for strength

You can see the Chinese symbol for the power in the picture. It is a combination of two individual letters. The bear is also a symbol of strength among the Chinese, but also the horse, the elephant, the tiger and the eagle. The two Chinese symbols of strength you can tattoo or wear as a pendant for the chain.

The oak – the most popular symbol of strength

The oak is for many the king of the trees. The oak was a sacred tree in many ancient cultures, a tree of life. It is still a symbol of strength today. The acorns and leaves are often used as symbols for coats of arms, coins, cards and jewelery. The Celtic tree horoscope states that those born in the sign of the oak have similar characteristics as the tree. They are bursting with vitality and can not be beaten down. They are good at dealing with conflict, are peaceful, down to earth, brave, persistent, courageous and loyal.

The horse is called by most cultures as a symbol of strength

The horse has been regarded as a symbol of strength, power and determination by most cultures throughout the world. The majestic animal is also seen as an emblem of driving the life force. In fact, several cultures believe that the horse holds the attributes of the four essential elements – fire, water, air and earth. As an Indian symbol, it represents the combination of earthly power and spiritual wisdom.

Maori symbols support one’s own powers

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