Are you looking forward to Christmas? Then start the countdown to Christmas in the right way – with a beautiful advent calendar. What is behind the 24 doors – sweet surprise or wise saying? Discover the hidden little things and give yourself and your family great joy with our unusual ideas for Adventskalender crafts quickly and easily.
Over time, the idea for advent calendars changes. Originally the calendar comes from Germany, but today it is known worldwide. There is an infinite variety of variations, as the Advent calendar looks like or what it is filled. Usually you will find behind every door a small piece of chocolate. Think differently now, so that you fill your advent calendar creatively yourself. Here are a few ideas that make someone a little better, just be inspired!

Advent calendar Easy and fast: Bring joy into someone else’s life

Adventskalender Basteln einfach und schnell: Bringen Sie Freude ins Leben von jemand anderem
The core idea of ​​Christmas is to be a better person and use the gifts to express your love and appreciation to others. Bring joy into the life of your family with our ideas for advent calendars simply and quickly. For the first tutorial you need:

  • Matchbox
  • White paper
  • black marker
  • black pencil
  • adhesive
  • scissors

Step 1: Divide the sheet into columns with the size of the matchbox.
Step 2: Draw Christmas shapes – Christmas trees, stars, fairy lights, Christmas socks, snowflakes, Christmas balls etc.
Step 3: Decorate all the matchbox.
Step 4: Number the boxes.
Step 5: Write great activities on little notes. Here are a few great ideas for advent calendar filling:

Fill ideas for advent calendars yourself Ideen für Adventskalender selber füllen

The initiative: do something good even better!

  1. Surprise your neighbor with home-made delicacies!
  2. Donate the homeless comforters!
  3. Give someone a coffee!
  4. Donate clothes!
  5. Keep the door open for someone!

The initiative: I love my family!

  1. Tell the first person you see tomorrow that you love him!
  2. Write your husband a loving note and put it in his trouser pocket so that he can read it later!
  3. Watch Christmas movies with the whole family!
  4. Organize a game night with the whole family!

    Advent calendar Simple and fast: sparkling and colorful Advent calendar garland

    Adventskalender Basteln einfach und schnell: Funkelnde und bunte Adventskalender Girlande
    This fancy Christmas garland is the perfect Christmas decoration for any home. Due to the sparkling design and in combination with golden color, which fits every style of living, the cool advent calendar becomes an eye-catcher. Create this artwork quickly and easily, just follow our guide!

    The necessary materials:

    Adventskalender Basteln einfach und schnell

    Step 1: Glue the Star box with the golden foil.

    Adventskalender Basteln einfach und schnell: DIY Ideen

    Step 2: Paint the inside of the roofs in pink and number them with the stickers.

    Adventskalender Basteln einfach und schnell: DIY Anleitung

    Step 3: Paint the bottom of all boxes in red.

    Besondere Adventskalender Basteln einfach und schnell

    Step 4: Hold the hack to the box. Pull the ribbon in by hacking and make a knot.

    Besondere Adventskalender Basteln einfach und schnell: Anleitung

    Step 5: Fill the Star boxes with different surprises – from sweets, to stuffed animals, to Christmas tree decorations

    Tolle Ideen Adventskalender füllen

    Step 6: Close the box and pull the tape in through the hoes.

    Besondere Adventskalender Ideen zum Nachmachen

    Make last minute ideas for advent calendars

    Last Minute Ideen für Adventskalender basteln
    This simple Advent calendar has its own charm. The design is very simple and fast. For this you need:

    • paper bags
    • Washi tape
    • pen
    • Fill – Akktivitätszettel, sweets and small gifts for the Advent calendar

    Step 1: Number all the bags from 1 to 25. Glue all the bags in order to the wall.

    Schlichte und ausgefallene Adventskalender selber basteln

    Step 2: Fill the bags.

    Schlichte und ausgefallene Adventskalender selber basteln: Anleitung

    Simple, beautiful and nature-friendly – the extraordinary advent calendar is ready Schlicht, schöne und naturfreundlich - der außergewöhnliche Adventskalender ist fertig

    Advent Calendars Simple and fast – great ideas with paper bags

     Adventskalender Basteln einfach und schnell - Tolle Ideen mit Papiertüteten

    Making original advent calendars yourself: advent calendars from tags

    Originelle Adventskalender selber machen: Adventskalender aus Tags 

    The necessary materials:

    Adventskalender selber gestalten

    Step 1: Write fun activities on the backs of the labels.

    Ideen für Adventskalender selber füllen: Aktivitäten - Zettel

    Step 2: Pull the tape in through the holes and make a knot.

    Ideen für Adventskalender selber basteln

    Step 3: Arrange the labels and tie them to a stand.

    Ideen für besondere Adventskalender selber basteln

    A beautiful adornment for your

    Advent calendar for women

    Adventskalender für Frauen

    Advent calendar itself crafting for adults

    Adventskalender selber Basteln für Erwachsene

    Ideas for cool advent calendars easy and fast

    Ideen für coole Adventskalender Basteln einfach und schnell

    Create Rustic Advent Calendar yourself

    Ideen für rustikalen Adventskalender Basteln einfach und schnell
    Rustikaler Adventskalender Basteln einfach und schnell
    Toller Adventskalender Basteln einfach und schnell
    Cooler Adventskalender Basteln einfach und schnell

    Minimalist Advent Calendar Craft easy and fast

    Minimalistiche Adventskalender Basteln einfach und schnell

    Make unusual advent calendar garland yourself

    Außergewöhnliche Adventskalender Girlande selber basteln  
    Adventskalender selber basteln
    Adventskalender in Gläsern selber basteln
    Tolle Ideen für ausgefallene Adventskalender selber basteln
    DIY Idee für Adventskalender basteln einfach und schnell

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