Well-groomed hands also include beautiful fingernails. The trend towards the use of artificial fingernails came from America and is now replacing the gel nails. It is not too surprising, because the acrylic nails look absolutely real and are also easy to apply. If you do not feel like going to the nail studio and want to model your fingernails yourself, you can count on quality-assured products. For the perfect nail design you will find many instructions and important tips and tricks for your nail” modeling> . Modeling templates make it even easier. It is important only to clean your nails well from fats, so the nail is more stable and the product long-lasting. Let your imagination run wild and make fingernails to your liking. Shape, color and pattern is completely up to you.

Difference between acrylic nails and gel nails

According to their chemical content, both nail types are made of acrylic. The acrylic nails are not available as a finished product, but consist of a powder and a liquid, which are mixed together just before the modeling. The hardening process begins after mixing, so the mass should be processed quickly. This requires some processing experience, so they are not that easy to make yourself. Acrylic nails are more resistant than the gel” nails> , therefore highly recommended for brittle nails. Acrylic nails look very natural and, because of the harder material, are ideal for modeling thin fingernails. Acrylic is dissolved by acetone, which is why acetone-free nail polish removers are used. In contrast, the material of the gel nails hardens under the influence of UV light. One or more gel layers are applied and cured under a UV lamp. The gel nails are softer and not as resistant as the acrylic nails.

Acrylic or gel nails for beginners

If you are a beginner and want to make” nails at home> , then you should choose the gel” nails> . Acrylic nails are not that easy to make yourself. Acrylic is for a skilled hand, but whoever has done this before can certainly get an excellent result. For ladies with brittle nails or a profession, such as in the catering industry, where the fingernails can be damaged quickly, the acrylic nails are recommended. For starters, visit a nail salon and get some pretty nails from the pro. There you can look at the exact procedure and judge whether you can do it alone at home. Visually, acrylic and gel nails look the same and can both be decorated with embellishments or paintings.

Acrylic nails with Frenchdesign”>

Artificial nails with glitter

Acrylic nails for Christmas

Long acrylic nails for accustomed women

Acrylic modeling

Acrylic modelage with relief

Lilac nails for a special occasion

Nails matching the make-up

The classic in nail design

Funny nail designs for summer

Wintery nails in blue

Royal blue and gold – a noble combination

The trendy mint green

Halogen colors are a current trend

Halloween nail art design – simply lace

Acrylic children’s motives for funny nails

Stones for a certain something

Classic acrylic nails

Great acrylic nails with relief decorations

Interesting nail design in black and white

Acrylic nails with paintings

Marble effect is one of the latest trends

Various designs for stingy acrylic or gel nails

Ombre acrylic nails – unusual and modern

Pastel colors are always good

Nail art in Tiffany style

Baby pink with Swarowski stones

Nail decoration made by yourself

Red and fancy

Nails with a difference

Wintery nails with snowflakes

Sand Glitter Design

Acrylic Decoration

Tip black

Black, white, gold – something classic

Geometric figures for medium-length nails

Matt colors – state-of-the-art

French nails in different colors and designs

Classic for a bride

Something glitter suits every sweater

Acrylic flowers

Cherry red always fits

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