Are you often delayed or are you from these people who are constantly in a hurry? Then you may need to hang a huge clock in every room of your home to make the time run better and make your interior design more extravagant.
Today it is becoming more and more modern that the large wall clocks are painted directly on the wall, and many popular designers and companies offer this performance. The famous figures in this industry like to experiment with different colors and styles, themes and ornaments and go from strange eclecticism to elegant classicism and from magnificent details to pure minimalism. You can choose the most suitable wall clock yourself or with the stylish advice of a decorating expert and not only leave your guests wordless, but also serve as an eccentric and fashion model.

A purple painted wall clock can add a bit of extravagance to your interior design

There is no easier way to keep track of time – and make sure you never go home too late. With some shopping skills, you can be sure to find a perfect wall clock that matches the mood and tone of each room, which means you can design your own wall clock yourself. But it is necessary to choose the right background color for your furniture, a not all walls have to be white, then of course the motifs and font for the text.
Create your own wall clock and think idiosyncratically of how to make this backless bijou on a painted wall. You will need a large mechanism and very strong glue, plus the necessary glue numbers or a template to paint the numbers on the wall. And of course you need a little skill and a lot of imagination that you absolutely have to get rid of.

The interior design with a painted wall clock is beautiful and modern

If you are not sure yet what will suit your wall best, here are some of the best wall clock examples:

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