The inanimate companion with battery of today’s man, without which the world most likely stops turning, is the mobile phone. You always bring it with you – in the office, in the toilet, in the kitchen, in the car … The cell phones come from manufacturers’ brands with a universal design – in black, white, silver and gold, but over time the cell phone can be scratched , It can also seem a bit boring to you. The solution is to create a personalized protective case for your smartphone. We’ve put together some easy-to-use phone case guides that will not only give your phone a new and modern look, but also protect it from daily dangers such as falling and wetting.

Iphone case itself Design: The geometric patterns are always trendy

From wall murals to nail design, to cellphone cases, geometric patterns are a trend. It’s very easy to beautify your phone, just need shell, geometric stencil, glue spray and glitter. We have worked with this template, but you can download and share many great templates from the Internet for free.

The geometric pattern for download

Step 1: Express the template according to the size of the Iphone 7 case

Step 2: Cut the black shapes with a model knife

Step 3: Tape the edges of the sleeve

Step 4: Place the stencil on the sleeve and spray with adhesive spray

Step 5: Remove the template and sprinkle with glitter

Mobile phone case design: The glamor of the vintage look

If you’re a fan of the vintage style, then you can see the natural beauty in this glamorous vintage smartphone cover. It is individual and timeless.

For the instructions for the phone case design yourself, you need:

transparent cover

a sheet of patterned paper


black marking pen – thin for traveling and thick for filling



Step 1: Use the pencil to move the phone cover over the patterned sheet. Forget to mark the hole for the camera.

Step 2: Draw the bird in the outline. If you do not have hands for the sign, you can also download a drawing from the Internet and express it on the patterned sheet.

Step 3: Fill in the background using the thick marker.

Step 4: Cut off the drawing.

Step 5: Place the drawing in the sleeve face down. It is not necessary to glue the drawing on the case because the mobile phone holds it tight.

Design your own mobile cover: In love with the colorful adhesive tape

Beautiful and colorful – this smartphone bag is a real eye-catcher. Using a variety of differently colored and patterned tapes can create a different generous shell for your smartphone every day. The possibilities with

Some differently patterned and colored adhesive tapes



white cardboard

clear phone cover

Step 1: Tear the cover over the box with the pencil. Cut the outline using scissors.

Step 2: Tape a strip of pink adhesive tape diagonally. In addition, stick a strip of adhesive tape with dot pattern.

Step 3: In between stick a strip of thick golden tape on.

Step 3: Next, continue with the pattern as shown in the photo.

Step 4: This should look like the result when you are done with the gluing.

Step 5: Make small cuts on the tape that is on the camera hole. Stick inwards so that nothing is in front of the camera.

Step 6: Place your creation in the sleeve face down.

Beautiful, light and striking – the final product is breathtaking.

The golden color is always fulminantes on the smartphone case

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