The perfect party look for New Year’s Eve is provided by the turban, which is casually wrapped around your head. When you tie a turban to your head, it makes your outfit a more feminine and gentle one. This ethnic look is totally hip for the New Year’s Eve party under the feminine. The turban look is not only suitable for women with a dark complexion, but also for ladies with a bright complexion. Combine your babydoll dress with a stylish turban and you’ll look stunning. In addition, the turban is considered a modern accessory for a winter party, he can also spice up your In love with the ethnic look, you should tie a turban on the head

The turban is not just a cloth that is wrapped on the head. He has a long history and important meaning. Many years later, the turban turned into a trendy look worn by many women on the streets. The modern accessory has become fashionable these days as the turban look has appeared on the front page of fashion magazines. From Beyonce to Rihanna, all pop stars wear this spectacular look on the red carpet. The How to create the trendy look: turban tying instructions

First, we wanted to show you how to tie an African turban. Read the instructions and style the perfect party look for New Year’s Eve. For this turban bandage with scarf you will need a long cloth in the most popular color. This is how it continues:

  1. The cloth is folded longitudinally. Then it is placed on the back of the head so that the ends point forward.
  2. First, the ends are crossed once the front side.
  3. Now the ends are crossed twice more, creating a knot that gives the turban an authentic look.
  4. Finally, the two ends are bent over.
  5. The ends of the cloth can be angled in the form of a flower or stuffed under the headgear.
  6. To taste, you can drape the cloth back and forth, covering all your hair.

Next, let’s explain how to tie an Indian turban. For this look you should have a square cloth. Thats how it works:

  1. First, we folded the cloth diagonally, creating a triangle.
  2. The wide side is wrapped twice.
  3. Then the wrapped cloth is put on the back of the head so that the ends point forward.
  4. Now you should put the top of the cloth over your head. First, the ends are tied.
  5. Finally, the two ends are knotted back at the back of the head.
  6. The ends of the cloth can lie forward or you can stuff them under the headgear.

Today, the turban is much more than a historical relic from the days of Marie Antoinette or Cleopatra. This noble headpiece is a popular accessory among ladies everywhere. The fashion experts say clearly that the turban is that certain something that can spice up your winter outfit the best. Take your favorite scarf and make the current look a breeze. Check out our gallery to get inspired by the most beautiful turban looks for the New Year’s Eve party.

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