The seamless bathroom design gives a modern” bathroom> the finishing touch. Today, the bathroom is not just a functional, but a living space that is decorated with pictures, plants, carpets and candles. Due to the beautiful decoration creates a feel-good atmosphere. If you want to renovate your bathroom, keep in mind that the joints in the bathroom will cause you trouble cleaning. Last but not least, the marble finish in the bathroom offers a soft feel that can satisfy every taste. Forget the old wall covering with tiles and awkward joints in the bathroom. The time has come to enjoy a stylish and appealing seamless bathroom.

Why would it be better to have a seamless bathroom than a bathroom with tiles?


There are many people who think that a tiled bathroom design is still to be preferred. Today one discovers that tiles are not necessarily necessary wall covering of the bath. If you read the following advantages that are obvious, you are choosing a seamless bath at the same time. First of all, a marble-finished and porcelain stoneware bathroom without tiles creates a stylish, harmonious and generous appearance. Secondly, a seamless wall and floor surface makes it easier to clean the bath, because no mold forms in the joints without tiles. So you can enjoy the exclusive decoration of your seamless bathroom, without a dark discoloration of the joints disturbing your eyes. We show you some ideas for jointless bathrooms that give your home boundless beauty.

Most asked questions


Before we move on to the ideas for seamless bathrooms, it is important to answer the most frequently asked questions. They are listed below.

Who can guarantee that this wallcovering is waterproof?

Specialists in seamless surfaces can guarantee that your marble-finish wallcovering is waterproof. In addition, the surfaces in the shower” and wet areas are sealed with a varnish three times.>


Are there differences in the costs?

This question can not be answered clearly. That depends on the fact that there are different types of tiles – some tiles cost 8 € / m², others cost 250 € / m². In principle, the price of the seamless surface is higher than the price of standard tiles. This is due to the fact that the marble plaster, for example, for a higher quality material under the plaster variants than the tiles. The cost of a specialist in seamless surfaces is also higher than the cost of the tiler. Because each square meter of the walls is overworked at least 7 times, so that the result is a stylish unique.

Can any risks arise from the seamless surfaces in the bathroom?

If the necessary precautions are taken, all risks are almost avoided. This uncertainty is due to the fact that this wall covering is no guarantee against flood or fire. But the tiles can not give this guarantee either.

A breathable wallcovering in the bathroom

This bathroom design can be characterized with a “Terrastone” color. This plaster is made of natural materials that are bound together with resin. The stone plaster fits particularly well to a wall lining in the bathroom due to its moisture content and breathability. This plaster spice up the modern look of your bath.

Seamless walls in the bathroom thanks to Tadelakt

The lime plaster has its origin in Morocco. This trendy plaster is worn in several layers. Usually this wall covering is treated with olive oil soap. This shiny surface is aimed at the fans of marble. The wall covering made of lime plaster enlarges the bathroom by optical illusion due to its brilliance.


Black is always in!


Do you want your bath to be an eye-catcher, put on the black color. To make a seamless bath in black at home, choose synthetic resin. The synthetic resin ensures water-tightness and facilitates the cleaning process.


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