Imagine the following scenario – the alarm rings, the coffee is ready, the fruit is waiting for you, a chill-out music is already playing, you leave the house without thinking if something is not closed or switched off. And all without any effort! This is called intelligent living! What that means and what a smart home looks like, you’ll find out right here!

What does intelligent living mean?

In order to throw light into the dark, we only explain the term “intelligent living” in one word – Smart. Everything you can imagine under “Smart” can be found in an intelligently built apartment – security, networking, comfort, and the facilitation of life! As? Very light of course 🙂 Smart Home means that all trades work together to make your everyday life easier with maximum comfort. Energy efficiency and safety can be enjoyed in your apartment as well. And do not think that this lifestyle is just a trend for rich people. This will be a standard of life and 2030 – maybe a must.

Intelligent living is actually not intelligent thinking, but an automation

Although the term “intelligent” is more related to thinking, there is no time for thinking in smart home. Everything is automated and you do not have to worry about anything. Another meaning we can add here for “Smart Living” – home automation. You no longer have to turn on the lights manually and the devices do not need to be switched on separately. That does not mean that you have no control. However, you can also control the heating according to your personal needs at the desired time.

With intelligent living you will influence your own well-being

A smart home is smart because you can control options through the internet. For example: if you are out in the winter and want to return home to a warm apartment, you can turn on the heating via your smartphone. Of course, networking helps. Without getting up from the sofa, you have the option of watching movies or music as you wish. And the biggest advantage for housewives – the cleaning of the apartment is also automated!

Benefits are clear, but is intelligent living possible today and what does it cost?

A smart home is possible today of course, but it is not cheap yet. The installation is through an expandable smart system. Do you want to see an intelligent house “live”, you have the opportunity to attend open events. Although such an apartment costs a lot, the way to intelligent living is not difficult at all. Planning is the most important step, after that comes only the choice of options and installation. The first decision you should make is whether to plan a new smart home or to install a smart system in the old home. There are many requirements that are associated with many costs if you opt for the second option. To make your start to smart living easier, some manufacturers offer step-by-step packages that are shared across modules. But if you have already set the goal, there are many ways to fulfill it

Equipping your own Smart Home without the expensive Smart System

Would not it be a dream if you could equip your smart home smart without installing this expensive system? Smart sockets or lighting control are already available on the market. If you have smart devices. such as buy intelligent heating control or smart TVs, you will also design such an apartment yourself. The only thing missing is networking. All the other extras, like the communication with the smartphone Save time and effort, you will have. Home appliances that clean themselves are already available in almost all electrical stores.

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