The summer holidays are on the door and in combination with the warm weather offers great opportunity for crafts.

What do children understand by the term “pirate”? – This is a person who practices piracy, wears a hat, saber, and an eyepatch, looks through binoculars, orders a pirate’s cut, and looks for a treasure chest. Reach for perfection, then there are some things without which the pirate party would not be successful:

1) DIY pirate hat

2) DIY eye patch

3) DIY saber

4) DIY binoculars

5) DIY hand picking

6) DIY pirate cut

7) DIY treasure chest

8) DIY keeper of the treasure

Now we continue with the crafting instructions.

DIY pirate hat made of felt

What is a pirate without his hat? Now we show you a very light crafting instructions for pirate hat made of felt. You can hold the parts of the hat without sewing with adhesive. For the hat crafting you need:

  • scissors
  • felt
  • Adhesive, if you do not want to sew, otherwise needle and thread

The dimensions of the different parts


  1. Cut the parts for the hat off the felt. From the first part you need 3 pieces, from the second – 2 pieces and the last – 1 piece.
  2. First, make the middle of the hat: angle the two pieces from part 2 and glue together. This creates a felt ring.
  3. Glue the round lid to the ring.
  4. Lay the pieces from part 1 on the ring and glue them to the sides of the ring and to each other. It would be better if you fix the parts together with clamps until the glue dries.

An easier way to make a pirate hat without stitching

Decide which variant suits you better. The two instructions are easy and the final product is beautiful!

Crafting ideas for children: DIY eye patch

For this wonderful eyepatch you use the remnant of the felt and set great colored accents with a simple seam with colorful thread. To make your eyepatch fit any head, sew a rubber band as an elastic fastener.

Crafting ideas for children in love with piracy – Make a saber

Our crafting idea is for a pirate saber made of cardboard. On the Internet you can find many instructions for sabers made of different materials, such as wood or plastic, but we rely on cardboard because the accident can not cause any injury to the children. For the instructions you need cardboard, scissors, glue, ice sticks, brushes and dyes.

The template for a pirate saber


  1. Download the popular saber template for free from the Internet and press it.
  2. Tear the saber shape on the cardboard.
  3. Cut off the sabers. For a saber, you need two saber pieces, which you will later glue together.
  4. Glue some ice stalks on one side of each saber.
  5. Color the sabers.
  6. Glue two saber parts together with the glued iced stems.

DIY Guide for binoculars: So that the search for the dreamlike treasure is more realistic

The necessary materials:

  • Toilet paper roll or kitchen paper roll
  • colored paper sheets
  • golden tape (thick)
  • scissors


  1. Angle a sheet around the roll.
  2. Stick with the ribbon.
  3. Beautify the binoculars with the golden ribbon.

Crafting Ideas for Pirate Party: Instructions for a Hand Hacking

Crafting ideas for children: Make a pirate ship together

Crafting ideas for children: Every pirate is looking for a treasure, so you should make a treasure chest necessarily

But every treasure is guarded by a monster. Do not forget to tinker.

Now the picture is full. Our team wishes you a nice day filled with crafting activities.

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