Having muscular, slender legs is undoubtedly a dream of any woman that is easy to accomplish with Pilates. This is actually called a complex of exercises for full body workout, created by Joseph Pilates. With Pilates exercises, you can lose weight fast and healthy and strengthen your muscles, and the best part is that training is not at all as difficult and strenuous as, for example, yoga. In this post we offer 6 easy and effective exercises for the legs. Let yourself be inspired!

Pilates exercises for slim legs – “The Bridge”

The Pilates exercises that you will find in this article are simply ideal for beginners. If you have not heard of Pilates for the first time or have never done such training, try our exercises to see for yourself how well they look at your figure. To do this you need a mat, Pilates ball and Pilates ring, which are easy to find in most sports shops. Do the exercises once a week or, if you hope for quick results, twice a day for six days. For the first exercise, called “The Bridge,” lie on your back – with your arms next to your body. Put your feet up so that you have an angle of about 45 ° between the upper and lower leg. Then try to raise your back, stomach and hips as high as possible – using your hands as a support. Ideally, the back and thighs form a straight line. Stay in this position for one minute and repeat the exercise again.

Exercises for beginners with Pilates ring

You could also do “The Bridge” with Pilates Ring. The starting position is the same – lie on your back with feet on the floor and arms next to your body. Put the Pilates ring between your hips, just above your knees. Press the ring with your hips until the knees and ankles form a straight line. Then lift the pelvis and stay in this position for as long as possible. Repeat the exercise five or six times.

Keep your legs fit with Pilates

There is also another variant of this exercise that is a bit harder to do. The starting position is the same again, but this time you should put your legs through the ring so that it is a little over your knees. Spread your feet as far apart as possible and start moving the pelvis up and down. After a few minutes, take a break and try to repeat the exercise ten times.

Piltes exercises with ball

You’ll need the Pilates Ball for the next exercise. Stand with your back against the wall so the ball stays between your body and the wall – ideally it should be in the middle of your back. Start slowly squatting until your knees and ankles form a straight line – the posture looks like you’re sitting in a chair. Then gently stand up again. You should not drop the ball in between. Try to do between 15 and 20 repetitions.

Pilates exercises – “leg lift”

The next exercise is called “Leg Lift”. Start from the so-called “quadruped stand”, where you support yourself with your hands and knees on the mat. Raise your right leg up as high as you can without changing your posture – ideally, the leg should be at a 90 ° angle. Repeat the exercise with the left leg. For each leg you should do about 15 repetitions.

Pilates Exercises – “The Bank Position”

The last exercise is called “The Bank Position”. The starting position is again the four-legged version, but this time you should lean on your forearms and toes – the position is similar to that of push-ups. Take a deep breath and try to extend your right arm forward and your left leg backwards. Stay in this position for about 30 seconds and after a short break repeat the exercise with the left arm and the right leg.

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