Minimalist decorations for your modern living room? That certainly sounds very expensive and difficult to find. But that does not have to be the case if you make your living room furnishing and decoration yourself! So you can best combine the decorating ideas with the design and give your minimalist living room a personal touch. Get ideas in our creative image gallery and discover helpful examples from our tutorials!

Modern living room: How can we design and decorate living rooms in a minimalistic way?

You like the minimalist style of living, but you do not know exactly which decoration suits you best? Minimalist means “less is more”. This also applies to the living room decoration. But if you set up a small living room, a rich wall decoration can add extra space to the room. This is just one example that you will find in our tutorials and DIY ideas. However, with modern decoration, there are no limits to fantasy. The best match the gray or black and white nuances, but also colorful ideas and pastel colors can be implemented without hesitation. But with all the extravagance, the harmony should not be lost. In general, the environment should be comfortable and inviting – for well-being, well-combined decoration ideas with living ideas help!

Combine living room furniture with decoration

As we said above, modern living rooms are in the decoration   almost everything allowed! If you think, but more minimalist, do not put so much furniture in the scene, but more small decorations. Combine deco and pieces of furniture of different styles, as well as different materials. In the photo above you can see how such a mix of styles can succeed – Scandinavian-style cushions and rugs combined with a minimalist armchair and wooden table. The different seating arrangements are similar in terms of material and shape, but come in different colors therefore. Do you want to create a minimalist wall design, play with colors!

Modern decorating living room: wall decoration

Modern living rooms, which are furnished in a minimalist style – air, white walls, black and white furniture and some wooden accessories. Does this environment sound cozy and inviting? No way! It lacks the matching wall design. But that does not mean that you have to buy expensive paintings by famous painters. Do you want to bring a touch of coziness in a minimalist style, then you do not necessarily repaint. With our DIY ideas you can decorate the living room creatively and uniquely. We offer various cool DIY wall decor ideas, elegant and minimalist DIY vases, DIY flower pots in copper, as well as instructions for trendy floral wall and DIY Himmeli made of brass. It is unbelievable how easy a living room decoration can be. No matter what materials you have under hand, you can make all sorts of things. Let yourself be inspired!

DIY decoration ideas Living room:

DIY wall shelves instead of pictures for living room

DIY instructions:

Modern hanging mirror instead of living room pictures

Murals of the living room

Make frameless DIY wall clock yourself: How it works:

Geometric home decor: DIY make Himmeli yourself

So you have the absolute trend at home:

DIY step-by-step instructions

Stylish organization: calender in copper color as a wall decoration

Minimalist concrete vases

Minimalist vases made of cardboard in copper color

DIY plant stand in copper color

The materials you need:

The instruction:


Organization can also be modern and look great in interior!

Living ideas Living room: DIY garland in minimalist style

All you need to do is make the minimalist garland yourself:

DIY idea for flower wall in the living room

Paper blossom wall with rose petals – instructions in 3 steps

Step 1:

Step 2:

Step 3:


DIY newsagent for the wall

All you need is leather and holes

And one last guide from us: make modern DIY flowerpots yourself

The required materials:

Step 1:

Step 2:

Step 3:

Finished! We wish you nice moments in your modern living room!

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