Are you looking for a unique gift that has the same romantic touch as flowers? Or would you like to make local decorations for Mother’s Day or Valentine’s Day? Then you are right here! You never have to buy flowers anymore, but make a beautiful origami

Why should you give paper flowers instead of a colorful blooming rose? The answer is very simple! Whether for Valentine’s Day, birthday or Mother’s Day, you give a flower that really blooms forever! Is there something sweeter? With a few moves and some paper sheets you will fold different beautiful

We’ll show you this folding technique first, so you get a basic idea. If you learn the secret of

  1. You absolutely need a square sheet of paper.
  2. As in the picture, place the paper with the page you want to see outside.
  3. First fold the two diagonals, then the folds should be guided so that you get a triangle.
  4. Then fold the top layer with the left and right points towards the middle.
  5. Subsequently, a square is to be created. Repeat this process for all other three peaks.
  6. Then at each individual squares you should fold that way – the top corner down.
  7. Fold the tip down as well.
  8. On each page you should see four folds.
  9. Press the middle convolution so that you get two triangles.
  10. Apply the paper to the back. Put the tip up. Then move your fingers right between the two layers and fold the front down.
  11. Turn the paper 180 ° and repeat step 10.

You can find another instructions for Rose folding

Origami Flower Instructions – the best DIY gift for any occasion

Flowers fold from crepe paper

Crafting with crepe paper is ideal for children, as it is easier and you can even make different shapes without instructions. The crepe paper folds easier, but it’s also easier to tear. That’s why be careful! This beautiful bouquet can be the perfect spring decoration!

It just looks, but you have no idea how it works! No worries! With our detailed instructions, you will become a professional craftsman with crepe paper. Here you not only need your hands and creativity, but also adhesive tape, craft wire, string and scissors. As you have seen at the crepes, you should prepare the crepe paper. If you do not feel like folding, you can cut petals from crepe paper and glue them with tape or tesa. Take a look at how it works here:

Every woman will love a beautiful calla bouquet made of crepe paper!

Origami flowers as a decoration

Creative idea for Valentine’s Day

Fold many origami flowers and make a stunning bouquet!

You can also make a flower wreath out of paper very easily:

Fleurogami flower origami instructions

This is how it works:

Do you know that origami flowers are very popular for bridal bouquet?

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