Pallets have been around for so many years and are mostly used for storage, packaging and shipping of various goods, from food, grain, to heavy machinery and even for the larger stocks of medicines. Recently, these pallet boards have become much more than just wooden packaging like the old pallets and have now become a popular theme for DIY. People make brilliant uses of them in home furniture constructions and in wooden decorations. A pallet bed is the most functional piece of modern living furniture and can be seen in family rooms, guest rooms and most often in our bedrooms.

Great ideas for pallet bed in the bedroom

It should always be visually appealing, comfortable and functional! However, this most popular piece of home furniture can be built in endless styles of pallets!
Whether you want a king size bed, a simple toddler bed or a creative rustic platform bed, amusing bed swings, summer afternoon loungers, pallet bed with storage or a pallet bed with wheels, here you will find practical advice and 42 DIY pallet bed ideas that will delight you from the pallet wood Creativity.
Renovating and decorating a room on a tight budget can force you to be creative. For my cabin reno, I had bought a new mattress for the bedroom, but did not want to resort to other few hundred dollars for a bed frame. I looked at different pictures of pallet beds online and I really liked the look. It would also be suitable for the room. I wanted a completely relaxed, somewhat rustic and bohemian atmosphere, and the idea seemed to fit well with what I imagined.

Pallet bed design – comfortable and illuminated

The first step was to find some decent wooden pallets. I drove around to some hardware stores to ask if they had any and was pleased when the Canadian tire man told me I could take any I like directly from the backyard. It was where I found these 6 foot shipping pallets, so I loaded them!
I was hoping that these would work perfectly without cutting, but the measurements turned out to be just a bit too small in width for my double / full size mattress (the 53 “x74”). The length was just right, so I just had to make a small adjustment to the width.

I thought that by cutting each palette to the right of the second staple in the middle, the perfect size for a double bed would emerge when put together. With my trusty puzzle in hand, I started cutting the individual rails on one side, then turned them over and chopped the bottom rails, leaving just over half of the pallet.

Pallet bed in green

I have done exactly the same thing with the other palette. Then I separated both pieces from the inside.

Finally, I attached the pallets together to the center struts with screws so they would not move. With my mattress on it I easily created the desired boho and it did not cost me anything!
I am so pleased with the result, I especially like that a little bit of wood can be seen from the sheets as I stroll through the room.
The advantages of using the beautiful material, ie pallet wood, are numerous: it is very easy to find, also has a stable structure, is rather cheap, which makes it a wonderful alternative to other available materials, not to mention the natural one Beauty of the wood. Its complex texture evokes a natural environment with all its small perfect imperfections, the raw texture and the variety of varieties and tones. The pallets come in different sizes, which offers numerous possibilities for changes and adjustments. They can be cut up to a tiny corner, the wood is stripped and reused in creative projects, layered to form storage units or raised beds and so on. Imagination and patience is everything that is needed in the process. In their raw form, they remain naked from the modern, contemporary furniture, where they create a necessary contrast to other slender furniture, in industrial raw environments where exposed brick walls and concrete floors heat such a material. When painted, pallets welcome neutral tones such as: B, white, beige, gray or even pastel shades that perfectly match a Scandinavian-inspired interior. Choose your creativity with care to invest and opt for pallet furniture.

It is incredibly easy to build your own bed of pallets

A good sleeping comfort

Pallet bed – even without instructions can be quickly put together

Pallet bed including bed back wall

Ideas from the north

Your own pallet bed self-made in just a few steps

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