Do it Yourself Furniture is this part of the home that makes it comfortable and gives the home charm and character. Whether from wine boxes. Pallets, wooden boards, with a little effort and with the right instructions, you can build real works of art! And under construction, we not only understand completely new pieces of furniture, but also refreshen the old furnishings. Thus, your apartment conjures up a new splendor and a touch of history at the same time. The old doors do not just have to be “garbage”, which can make a complete piece of furniture! We show you many creative ideas on how to build a table out of doors or pallets, as well as many examples from “old” to make “new”. Let yourself be inspired!

Do it yourself Furniture made of pallets

The beauty of the furniture from old Euro pallets is not only the cool, casual look, but also the sustainability. More and more people are searching the Internet for what they can do with their own pallets and the answer is clear – everything! If you want to enjoy individual DIY furniture, simply stack a few pallets on top of each other to make a table or a bench. The pieces of furniture made of pallets are an eye-catcher in the decor and not just in the rustic style. A new trend is exactly this, where you combine old DIY furniture with modern decoration. Whether you choose a bed, a shelf, a coffee table or a garden lounge – europallets can be used in a variety of ways. The raw wood enchants your interior with a rustic industrial flair, despite the robust material. Those who seal their pallet garden chairs and tables with a weatherproof wood finish can also enjoy durable, stylish furniture   looking forward.

Do it Yourself Hacks: Turn old into new!

What is rubbish for some is a valuable resource for others, especially when it comes to recycled furniture. The old cabinets, doors and windows are given a new lease of life through our Do it Yourself projects. Upcycling is not only a trend for chic furniture and accessories, it is also sustainable – because you upgrade old products, nothing new has to be produced. Upcycling versteht man, wenn aus (vermeintlichem) Abfall neue Produkte entstehen. By upcycling is meant when (supposed) waste creates new products. It not only transforms existing materials (we talk about recycling), but upgrades them, allowing them a new production cycle.

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DIY ideas with an old cabinet: So many possibilities are there!

Do DIY table from old window yourself

The old cupboard becomes a sofa, an old window becomes a table. Does that sound incredible? Not with our detailed instructions. All the pictures in our gallery provide step-by-step instructions and the only materials you need are a bit of trash and old furniture, paint and a bit of effort and a lot of wish! The tools, such as hammer, drill, brush and wood screws, you also need with each of our instructions. Important for all of the following instructions is that you measure the size you want correctly.

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The old doors also serve as a perfect decoration in shabby chic style

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