On a cold winter’s night, there is nothing better than a fire that brings the whole family together. The warmth of a fireplace on a cold day and the scent of the wood burning stove adds a cozy and warmer atmosphere. Modern fireplaces are great meeting places and many families enjoy lounging around the fireplace during the evenings, watching TV, talking to each other, or simply watching the flames.

Modern fireplaces bring joy and warmth into the house

Almost all new house plans have included at least one fireplace in the design, because homeowners often rely on the

Heat and dream of the embers of a burning fire. This is especially true for larger rooms, but you will also find fireplaces in dining rooms, open kitchens, master suites and outdoor living spaces.

Modern fireplaces provide a pleasant meeting place for family and friends, providing warmth and light while making a room look beautiful. That’s why it’s important to choose the right fireplace design for your home. Choosing the right fireplace design is of particular importance. Fireplace design ideas are very different, but no matter what your style is, there is definitely a fireplace design for you. If you opt for a fireplace, there are many things to consider that limit your choice. You have to make a decision about the heating functionality of your fireplace, as well as the general aesthetics of the room.

Modern fireplaces become a meeting place for the family

Elegant, contemporary fireplaces with flush veneers, elongated shapes, glittering glass and light-show effects are designed to better fit the sharp edges of modern decor – especially the flat-screen TVs that are often mounted directly above them , These new fireplaces can turn a whole wall into a design element that draws your eyes to the fireplace.

A fireplace creates a zone not only for warming cold hands and feet, but also for cuddling or celebrating. Although it is no longer an essential provider of light and heat, the fireplace is still conceptually the center of the house. It dominates the room where it is located, chairs are organized around it. The beauty of the fire remains emotionally sustaining, even though it is no longer physically conservative.

It is also extravagant to have such modern fireplaces at home

First, you have to decide which type of fireplace is right for you and your family. Will the device be a source of primary heat or will it be used for decorative purposes? Are its easy operation and maintenance a high priority? What type of fuel do you prefer? These questions will help you determine if you need an electric, gas or wood burning stove.

Traditional fireplaces consist of a firebox in which the actual fire burns, a smoke chamber that directs the fumes from the room, and the chimney that takes them out of the house.

Modern fireplaces are no longer built only of stone and brick, now they are made of marble and even glass. Stylish vintage fireplaces have not changed their looks so much, just the material they are built from. With the advancement of technology and interiors, the shape of the modern fireplace has also changed. Fashionable fireplace designs are ergonomic and energy efficient as well. Glass doors and glass fronts have long been an integral part of this design.

You can choose the right style, use the perfect decorations and find the perfect place for him. If you do not have a large room, you can opt for a corner fireplace.

Fireplaces are not uncommonly found in elegant and noble homes, which as a rule remain the only detail reminding of the primary purpose of the living room: to be at home! Fireplaces keep both bodies and souls warm and they are the fuel element of your living room that never fails to arouse attention on itself.

Here is a collection of interiors where such fireplaces combine safety with style:

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