Here you will find 50 Symbolic Mayan Tattoo Designs – ancient art, fused in modern tattoos. If you have no Maya tattoo or never thought of getting one, you will miss out on one of the trendiest body art styles. The Mayans are one of the most talked-about ancient civilizations. According to historical texts, they were a very advanced race compared to other civilizations at the same time. They still have a lot of respect for their traditions and culture.
Tattooing was one of her many forms of body modification and there was a belief that drawing pictures on the body would please the gods. Apart from the tattoos, they have also sharpened their teeth, pierced the body and, in some cases, deformed the skulls of babies to give them an elongated shape. All of this was part of their culture, but tattoos still stood out because only brave people would let them do it, as they were not only painful but also, in many cases, causing infection. So, if you have cool ink pictures on your body, you would respect everyone in the company.

The tattooed fist – Maya Tattoo

Types of Mayan Totems

Everything about Mayan civilization is interesting, and that includes their form of communication. And even if you know little about them, there are endless things that you can draw that you can still associate with them. However, some designs seem to arouse people’s interest, namely the tattoos that most tattoo lovers prefer. Although there are many famous Mayan tattoo designs, the following should give you some ideas of what you can try.

Hunab Ku symbol

The Hunab Ku was an important symbol of Mayan civilization, which is why it is at the center of their calendars and the wheels of the times. It is important for understanding their myths and the cycle of life. That makes him an attractive body tag. This symbol is also very significant because the Mayan people saw it as a representation of the cycle of life and the infinite power of life.

Mayan calendar

The Mayan people were one of the few ancient civilizations that developed a calendar. And what makes it even more interesting is the fact that it was very accurate and detailed. He has some unusual patterns that represent the various celestial bodies such as stars and planets. The patterns in the calendar are also very complicated, so it would be an excellent choice for tattoo art.

Maya Emperor

The Mayas had much respect for their emperor because they believed he was appointed by their gods to watch over them. With a tattoo of the emperor in his royal clothes or dressed as a warrior, one shows respect for their culture. If you find a good artist who can accurately portray the Emperor, you can be a proud owner of a fantastic totem.

The sun god

The Mayans had many gods, but they also worshiped the sun, believing it was the giver of all life. They saw this heavenly body as the almighty giver of life that has power over everything else in the world, and so they would also represent it in their tattoos. This design is also a favorite design of today’s tattoo enthusiasts, but most preferably it is with a skull in the center of the sun instead of a simple circle.


The Ouroboros is a famous Mayan tattoo symbol that is a snake or a dragon eating its tail. It is a symbol of regeneration or rebirth, and the Mayan people would use it to show the process that people are going through when they need to adapt to new situations or environments. It is perfect for anyone who believes in constant spiritual or physical transformation. Although people today draw it in different colors, it looks best in black ink, and it is also more symbolic than drawn in many colors.

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