There is never a second chance for the first impression. Did you hear this saying? The same applies to the design of your own home. Your interior design can be excellent and very comfortably furnished, but if your front garden does not look well-kept and comfortable, you will not make a good impression. The front gardens should be warm and inviting while being easy to clean. How to do it, learn here!

Why do we have to have front gardens?

Your front yard is the mirror of your apartment. Whether with many grasses and colorful flowers or just with concrete and natural stones, it does not matter, the most important thing is to look neat and clean. You can create an eye-catcher without great care. If it is the style, it must fit the house. In a breathtaking picture gallery we present you a variety of design ideas – in the country house style, inspired by minimalism or simply without grass. The look is not the only thing you need to keep in mind. A front yard can be very functional as it offers plenty of space. Mailboxes, bicycles or garbage cans can find their place in the front yard. And why not a relaxing sitting area?

With grass or not?

When you hear from front gardens, you have well-groomed grasses in mind. It is not obligatory that you make your front yard with grass. This design is minimalist and fits perfectly with the modern interior design style. If you prefer grass, only plant grasses in front of your house. Grasses with many colorful flowers is a bit cheesy and fits better with the country house style. When you combine grasses with plants, you choose clear lines and borders, such as concrete planters. Note, however, that the lawn needs a lot of care to look like the picture.

Create a warm invitation with the way to the house entrance

The way to the house entrance plays an important role in the design of the front gardens. It becomes a real eye-catcher when you plant blooming flowers from both sides. Benches look very romantic and if they are made of wood, they fit perfectly with the country house style. The way to the house you can prove with different materials. Especially easy to care for are the gravel and stones. With the gravel you create fascinating geometric shapes, and at a stone path you can play with the big stones. A tip from us – in the small front yard you should create wide paths, the narrower make them look smaller. Do not forget the lighting either. It serves for security and makes your house easy to radiate!

The planting

If you want to bring color to your front yard, put on flowers. The blooming flowers are very warm and homely. However, it is not to be underestimated that it is a front yard and the plants have to survive the winter. The evergreen varieties are perfect for this purpose and will give you pleasure for a long time. But if the colorful colors are important for your well-being, we recommend dusting the most. Play with the big one and set high evergreen trees and low summer flowers. The bushes are interesting shapes that will make your front yard look organized and well maintained. If you want to design a rustic garden, there is only one solution – roses!

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