If you have a super little dream bike, then try to do everything possible so that your belongings are arranged in the available space. Often this is too puzzling and sometimes requires almost magical skills.
Challenges include configuring the toilet so there is enough room for a shower and, of course, where to put the towels. Despite the challenges, in most cases it is still better to squeeze into an extra bathroom if you need it urgently, even if it’s small. If you want to go this way, here are 12 tips on how to design a small bathroom perfectly.

A small dream bathroom can also be very comfortable

1. Install a corner sink. Sometimes even a sink pedestal can disturb the only available lane in a bathroom. When a corner sink is placed opposite the toilet, everything works better than having a sink opposite the shower. On the other hand, opening and closing the shower door is an embarrassing and repetitive situation every day.
2. Use a shower curtain. A shower curtain that can step back saves more space than a glass door that moves in and out. The shower-tub combos can actually fit well in small rooms, some tubs even have a width of only 70 cm.
3. Do not forget your vanity! To visually enlarge the small dream bathroom, the installation of a mirror helps. If a mirror is at the same time the outside wall of a cabinet, you are currently getting a bit more space for your smaller items.
4. Narrow spaces can make sharp corners more dangerous. If you get the corners in the way, opt for a rounded style. Yes, a rounded design can look good in a square room. No more kinked hips!
5. Extend the shelves above the toilet. This arrangement can be realized with stone or wood. The extended shelves offer just enough space for a few needed items. In such a case, the toilet placement is not affected, and the overall impression is minimalist and clean.
6. Use a large applied pattern. For example, wide stripes can make your eyes lie that the small dream bath is larger than its real size. The square footage might remain the same, but the bathroom will look higher and wider.
7. You do not need a shower door. If your bathroom is about 5 meters wide, that’s just enough space for a toilet and a 30- to 60-inch tub. With similar tight conditions, you should use a glass plate instead of a glass shower door.
8. Expand the mirror. In a confined space, a larger mirror can allow for two people to use it at once. In less than ideal space, every inch helps.
9. Mount the towel rail by the door. If space is at a minimum, a towel bar on the shower door is practical and modern. You could store most of your towels in a nearby linen closet, but you must ensure that your towels hanging from the bar can dry quickly.
10. Install a bath washbasin. The slim and clean styling of a bathroom sink is a good-looking room solution. As a rule, sinks have a low profile. When wall-mounted, they free up floor space as well as for storage or pedestrian traffic.
11. Choose a cabinet with an extra open shelf. The pedestal design, for example, has become smarter. You can even create a pedestal style with a towel rack or a toilet paper basket.
12. It is better if you use a wall fitting. Installing a faucet on the wall allows for a tighter sink, which in turn relieves a not so small footprint in the entire bathroom. Do not be afraid to pick a wall tap in a traditional design. It works everywhere!

The small dream bathroom can have all necessary facilities

If you do not have a clear idea of ​​what a small dream bathroom looks like, look at the following photos:

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