The current high-quality and visually appealing floors are pleasant to touch and to look at. However, a living room carpet can do more: the acoustic conditions in the room can be improved. For this you can exchange a living room carpet easier than the whole flooring.
The polyacrylic carpets made of polyamide and natural fibers as well as the raw wool carpets – ragged, silk, cut and combined are all a modern and comfortable selection. For example, a combination of wool and nylon adds softness. Your comfort also depends on the thickness of the carpet pairs.
The looped carpets are very strong, not too bushy and caring for them is relatively easy. On the contrary, the incredibly feathery suede carpets are a bit harder to clean but are thick and comfortable.

Beautiful living room carpet in colorful colors

The handcrafted carpets of wool or cotton are of the highest quality and the more knots these have in one square meter, the better.
If the top layer of the carpet is only about 6 mm high, it is called this type of ground cover ‘carpet with short stacks’. If the stack height is about 10 mm, you have a carpet with a medium-length pile, while in the case of a stack height of 20 mm it is spoken about a carpet with high pile. Carpets with very long hairs of more than 40 mm are often called ‘shaggy’ or ‘hairy’.
If you really require a good quality of your living room carpet, it is not always possible to see them at a glance. Then there may be a series of labels containing all the necessary and relevant information about the quality and durability of the selected product. The necessary and basic information is whether the carpet is hand woven or machine made.
When shopping, it is also good to know how the carpet is worked on the back and if you have underfloor heating, you can check with your dealer if the product is suitable for you in this regard

Living room carpet and elegance

In every room

If your rug is not too restrictive, you can put it in just about every room. You can benefit from mats in the hall and practical carpets in the living room. The living room is suitable for large carpets because you need something comfortable, warm and soft under your feet before bedtime and early in the morning.
Their aesthetic function is perfect. It’s nice to pick matching carpets, decorative pillows and curtains in a color palette and possibly add a dominant vase or bowl in similar nuances.
For the living room, it is best to buy a rug with high pile and soft fibers, which is comfortable for the bare feet. The bedroom is a place that suits such a luxury piece properly, and the carpet provides unmistakable comfort and helps to improve the acoustics in the room.

Almost all colors on the living room carpet

Decorative rugs

If you have a floating floor or prefer linoleum or tile, but on the other hand want a more liveable interior, try to think of at least one wrapped decorative living room rug. You can choose between synthetic materials and handwoven cotton carpets.
You can also try something less traditional. Lately, leather is very popular. Calf leather is naturally durable and will last many years. In winter, the fluffy leather gives a sense of pleasure barefoot to go on it. If you do not like the modern bright colors, there are different colored variants from purple to green.
Choosing the right carpet for your interior can be a real challenge. There is a wide variety of models and sizes to choose from and the final decision can really make a difference to the look of a room. The perfect selection does not necessarily mean extreme elegance, but a collection of ideas that have to do with humor originality.
Jeztz enjoy 50 of the most beautiful ideas your living room carpet:

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