You can use the Feng Shui principles outside and inside your home. The living room is an important space for your family and therefore it must bring harmony and tranquility. Most families spend a lot of time in the living room, and because it is the meeting place of all members of the family, the Feng Shui living room must absorb the right energy to ensure happiness, wealth and health.

The Feng Shui living room brings the right energy into the apartment

Location of the living room
In Feng Shui, the living room must be in one part of the house, where there are at least two outside walls. Avoid a room in the inner part of your apartment for the choice of your living room. The ideal location allows the chi energy without entering the room from the outside, avoiding the movement through many rooms and allowing easy access to the living room. This placement ensures that the chi energy is fresh and energetic enough to activate the various living room elements.

The Feng Shui living room allows Chi energy

The importance of furniture
The living room never has to be small. It has to be big enough for the whole family and the guests. Sufficient room size will encourage chi energy to flow around the room. Where you place all the pieces of furniture can affect the way of chi energy and therefore you have to be very careful with it.

In the Feng Shui living room furniture is particularly important

General rules for the furniture
Never put furniture in the natural paths through the room. On the other hand, the Chi energy is blocked, the atmosphere in the room stagnates and the negative energy penetrates.
The perfect place for the sofa
The main piece of furniture in a Feng Shui living room is the sofa that has to sit against a solid wall. Currently, one of the most popular Western furniture arrangements is the sitting area in the middle of the room without a wall bracket to place it. This is a floating arrangement that needs to be avoided.
The floating arrangement is a wrong way to set up your furniture according to Feng Shui – as your bed must be anchored against a solid wall, so must the couch. This support gives those who live in the house stability in the family structure and happiness in life, work success, prosperity, health and harmonious relationships.
Test this feng shui principle by placing a couch against the wall and then letting it sit in the middle of the room. Notice how you feel with each type of arrangement. You will feel more secure when the couch is against the wall. If the sofa stays in the middle of the room, you will most likely feel vulnerable and uncomfortable.
Armchairs and stools
Smaller furniture is a popular choice for the Feng Shui living room. As a large family grows, it can be problematic to apply the Feng Shui principles. The L-shaped furniture layout generates a stream of negative energy in the room. If you avoid this type of furniture configuration, you can reduce the impact of this placement.

Another technique to fix such bad effects is to hang a faceted crystal ball from the ceiling. Just like the plant, the crystal ball very easily and quickly destroys the negative energy as a result of improper placement of furniture in the living room.
Placement of additional furniture
If you want the ideal furniture arrangement, in addition to a couch, set up a sofa or more chairs in the living room. To make room for such furniture, do not forget to place a neat coffee table there. In this case, choose either a square or a rectangular shape!
The TVs and the electronic devices are very friendly to the Yang energy, especially in areas where you want to activate this energy. For example, the northern (career) and southern (fame and recognition) sectors of the space can be an informed and excellent choice for the Feng Shui living room.

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