The rose, one of the most popular flowers of women, is one of the favorite floral motifs for tattooing. Whether on the shoulder, the breasts, the arm or on any other part of the body, a rose tattoo looks timeless, stylish and depending on the color and presentation it has different meanings. At the beginning, the rose tattoo is considered a sign of not easy life because of the thorns. Today, the Rose tattoo is not associated with a bitter taste, but stands for a vision of love-filled life. Read our article to get to know the different meanings of the rose tattoo, so make no eternal mistake.

The meaning of the rose tattoo depending on the color

In front of you, the symbolism of the rose plays a major role, if you want to understand its meaning, especially the color of the rose is also an influencing factor. The Rose motif was very popular among seafaring and sailors because it awakens the sweet memories of beloved wife or mother. Today it is a sign of true love, of femininity but also of eroticism.

Rose color meaning

* White Rose Meaning *

The white color combines purity and loyalty. The white rose itself can mean friendship as a tattoo, later turning into a symbol of young love. The White Roses Tattoo is also believed to be a promise. This color image is perfect for combining with the most important date (wedding anniversary, date of birth, etc.) in your life.

* Black Rose Meaning *

The black color has very emotional meaning. Black itself symbolizes death and sadness. As a color for rose tattoo, it signifies the survival of a tragic stage of life and the courage you have to achieve that. Often the black rose tattoo is also associated with rebellion.

* Yellow Rose Meaning *

For some time, the yellow color symbolizes jealousy and envy, but today it is associated with positive associations. If you want to call your Rose Tattoo friendship, then put on the yellow rose. This color representation is often associated with happiness, warmth and optimism.

* Red Rose Meaning *

The real classic is the red rose, a pit of true love. The red rose tattoo is also often taken as the symbol of sensuality and passion. The color itself has a great signal effect and in this combination denotes life in full bloom. Someone has room for a red rose on his skin.

* Orange Rose meaning *

The orange color representation of a rose tattoo denotes hope and gratitude as well as respect and positivism.

* Pink Rose Meaning *

One of the soft colors is pink. A pink rose tattoo is a sign of femininity, beauty, elegance and simplicity.

* Blue Rose Meaning *

Have you seen a blue rose in nature, probably not. That’s why it expresses something unnatural and unique. The tattoo motif with the blue rose also symbolizes dreams, imagination, magic. As we have emphasized many times, the rose is a sign of love and in combination with blue color stands as a symbol of a secret love.

Meaning according to the representation of the rose tattoo

When tattooing a rose, it is also important which form of plant you choose. A rose with stem, thorns and leaves: The flower symbolizes love, the stem represents the common path of a couple and the thorns show the sacrifices made for love. If you tattoo a few leaves to a stalk, then with each leaf you designate a new life, new love or the birth of a loved one. A withered rose with fallen leaves: This depiction of the rose tattoo symbolizes the transience.

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