The development of glass stairs and stairs with glass parts is a great challenge for fabricators and designers. Used by special architectural glass that is chemically treated, hardened and laminated, it is possible to maintain the required strength and to withstand your own weight and the people on it. Straight and curved modern stairs made of glass and railing can be used for private and commercial projects. Therefore, the staircase can extend over several floors and reach a width of up to 3 meters. Due to the intensive work with engineers and experienced glass manufacturers, it is possible to handle all requirements. Architectural glass is always used, giving you individual and innovative glass staircase designs. You can either choose from a detailed standard program or make a staircase with glass parts just for you.

Modern glass stairs become classic

If you want to add a special feature to your home or office, a glass staircase is a great idea and it will guarantee that your interior will produce distinctive and distinctive “wow” effects. Then you will walk across the floor with a clear space under your feet! A glass staircase gives you the feeling of spaciousness and can be built both indoors and outdoors. But you absolutely must demand that all aesthetic and safety claims are treated to the last detail.

Modern stairs also demand security

Glass steps create an exclusive view in every environment and the glass steps combine perfectly with other materials. In fact, modern glass stairs offer a wealth of possibilities. By combining different materials, a glass staircase will fit in both a residential or a business space, as well as in a modern or classic interior.

Led lighting for modern stairs

To make good use of the glass stairs, it depends mostly on a number of the overall characteristics of the glass material used. For example, you can see through the glass and it also lets the light in. It retains its shape in a range of temperatures, enjoys unrestricted availability, resists scratches, is good for the environment and comes in various dimensions and thicknesses. Glass also has high tear resistance, which is very attractive for making glass stairs. Modern glass staircases can be produced in a variety of models, as well as other types of stairs. These include a straight staircase or spiral staircase, quarter turn staircase or landing stairs with a shallow area between two flights. Glass steps can be made entirely of glass or combined with aluminum. Glass steps do not necessarily have to be transparent. They can also be made of glass that has been treated with an anti-slip covering layer with acid or sandblasted or made of colored glass and incorporated.
More information about glass stairs
As a material for glass stairs or their steps composite safety glass is usually used with an upper hardened layer. The foil between the glass panes can be clear, colored or frosted and then complete the final impression. For the non-slip layer, a pattern of different motifs is screen-printed or sandblasted. Under construction, grade stainless steel glass is painted and fired in various finishes (cut, gloss) or structural steel, and a technology is used for automobile bodies.

Glass stairs – maintenance
The maintenance of the glass degree is very simple, it is treated with special cleaning agents for cleaning glass surfaces. This includes a special spray that cleans the surface and also provides a protective layer against fingerprints.
Glass stairs as a luxury product
Glass stairs are a luxury element that fits any interior. Whether you own a luxury villa, a family home, a two-story apartment or a commercial space, the glass staircase will definitely impress all your visitors!

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