Today, tattoos have become more of a fashion than a symbol. In the past, the tattoo was really an art on the body. It had a secret and personal meaning for the owner. Today, almost everyone has a tattoo and there are numerous designs, sometimes very similar. That is why we have discovered breathtaking tattoo images for you from the top 5 tattoo artists in the world. Look here, who you are!

Tattoobilder im Museum: The tattoo artist of the stars “Hanky ​​Panky”

Have you ever wondered who tattooed the superstars? We have found the answer for you – Henk Schiffmacher. Known as “Hanky ​​Panky”. Lady Gaga, Robbie Williams, Red Hot Chili Peppers … all stars were tattooed by Schiffmacher. Five years ago, Hanky ​​Panky opened the Amsterdam Tattoo Museum. When we talk about the most famous tattoo artists, his museum is the largest museum of the tattoo world. Schiffmacher has been working on this unique collection for more than 30 years. The collection consists of hundreds of hand tools, photographs and tattoo images. The most unique thing in the museum are the pieces of tattooed human skin.   We have found a very interesting interview with the tattoo king Henk Schiffmacher at Which is the right tattoo for the Chancellor Angela Merkel, look here what “Hanky ​​Panky” says.

The Best Watercolor Tattoo Artist – Ondrash

A world famous tattoo artist who has studied fashion design. This is the best watercolor tattoo designer Ondrej Konupcik. Worldwide known as Ondrash. The tattoo images of Ondrash are not just tattoos, they are an art. If you opt for a tattoo at Ondrej Konupcik, you have a unique piece of art on your body. His tattoo studio is located in the south of the Czech Republic, but that is no obstacle for the customers from America and Australia. You can read the interview with Ondrash by here .

One of the best tattoo artists has become in the army tattoo artist: Dimitry Samohin

Dmitriy Samohin is one of the best tattoo artists in the world, unique in the army becoming a tattoo artist. For 10 years in this field he has experimented with almost all designs. He loves color motifs the most, portraits and faces too. You see in the picture how he can paint the mood of a person only in a tattoo. One of his greatest strengths are the realistic tattoos. Dmitriy Samoh can be found in his own tattoo studio in Odessa (Ukraine). And more tattoo images of him can be found on his Facebook page .

Nikko Hurtado: one of the best tattoo portraitists

How is Nikko Hurtado one of the best tattoo artists, it is remarkable! With a colored Batman portrait! He won 1st place on a tattoo contest. That was the first award but not the last for Hurtado. Portraits of celebrities, cartoons Nikko Hurtado prefers to draw on the body of his customers. This tattoo artist can be found in California, USA, where he works in his own tattoo studio.

A tattoo artist with worldwide experience: Nick Morte

As a kid, Nick Morte drew a lot of comics. Maybe that’s the reason for his great love for tattoos. Not only is he one of the most famous tattoo artists in the world, he has also gained worldwide experience in various tattoo studios. Nick Morte has also participated in many international tattoo shows. If you want a colorful tattoo with realistic motives, Morte is the right tattoo artist for you.

Lady Gaga with a free tattoo anchor of “Hanky ​​Panky”, which she has shown in Facebook of her millions of fans

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