For a new life you often only need a mattress – an invaluable object, on which you can not only lie down and sleep, but also cuddle and recover properly. But often the purchase of a mattress is underestimated. Headaches, back pain, fatigue and muscular tension are all due to the wrong choice of mattress. According to statistics from the PM Questions & Answers magazine, you spend about 24 years – a third of our lives in bed. You live as you sleep, so you make the right individual decision for the mattress with the utmost attention. In this article we present you the 5 golden tips for the mattress purchase, so you promise yourself and your body a better life, incomparable sleep and sweet dreams.

Mattress Purchase Counselor: How do you find the right mattress?

The topic of healthy sleep is gaining popularity and the hype about healthy and restorative sleep has reached a new dimension: good sleep is the new jogging! The qualitative recovery also appears on the agenda. How fit you are in the morning but really depends on your mattress. From the material to hardness and cover up to the set with slatted frame. The good mattresses provide on the one hand for the moisture at night, on the other hand for the relaxation of the back. In addition, you should also look for a mattress supplier that has a high reputation and offers a replacement guarantee and disposal of the old mattress. A good example of an online provider is , which offers a variety of sleep- ready products and is available with help and advice. Now let us tell you the 5 golden tips that can be very helpful in buying a mattress.

Tip №1: Inquire about all types of mattresses and their advantages and disadvantages.

PU foam, cold foam, visco foam, Geltex, latex and spring core – each inside has its own advantages and disadvantages. For mattresses with foam core, the quality depends on the volume weight. The higher it is, the better the material. If you have a tight budget, turn your attention to the cost-effective alternative – PU foam mattresses. The cold foam mattresses impress with their longevity, adaptability and breathability, but the cold foam is no moisture factor. Look for a fine adjustment, choose a mattress with Viscoschaum, which responds to body heat pinpoint. For the heat-sensitive people, the mattresses with geltex are recommended. The innovative combination of elastic gel and breathable foam adapts perfectly to the body. The mattress made of latex, on the other hand, is suitable for allergy sufferers due to its anti-allergenic properties. The disadvantage of this variant is that it is very difficult to turn. The mattress with spring core ensures the good circulation of air, so it is not good for heat insulation. These mattresses are versatile – with Bonell, pocket, Tonnentaschen- and Minipocken spring core, but the principle is: the smaller the springs, the finer the adjustment.


Tip №2: Determine the right degree of hardness for you and your bed partner.

The hardness values ​​are from H1 (very soft) to H4 (very hard). The basic rule is: the heavier the person, the harder the mattress should be. In contrast, the soft mattresses are recommended for the lighter people. These properties contribute to the optimal adaptation of our body and to the maximum well-being during sleep.

Tip №3: Pay attention to the covers of the mattress.

In slack, the human body loses about ½ liter of water in the form of sweat, and it would be better if you consider the coverage when choosing a mattress. It should be washable, temperature adjustable and breathable. The high-quality mattresses have covers made of special materials, which ensure that you experience the pleasant feeling of a fresh mattress top up every day. The silver cover has an antibacterial effect and meets the highest hygienic requirements. In addition, the Tencel blanket absorbs moisture very well and regulates the temperature.

Hint №4: Pay attention to the slatted frame when buying a mattress.

But even the best and highest quality mattress will not work wonders if you do not have a suitable slatted frame. The golden rule is: The more slats or plates a rust, the more sensitive he reacts. Depending on your needs, you can choose a rigid, mechanical or motorized slatted frame.

Hint №5: The test-laying is not a myth.

With the test lying you can quickly determine which mattress suits you best.

In the end we can say that it is easy to sleep. Our team wants to give you a healthy lifestyle that celebrates good sleep. With the purchase of the right mattress come the restful nights with maximum reclining comfort, so, “good night and sweet dreams”!

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