You’re invited to a steampunk event, you want to dress up as a fabled cartoon or movie hero, or are you interested in a unique historical outfit? Then you are right here! But Steampunk is not just for carnival, it came from the idea of ​​industrial revolution. Steampunk is an idea and lifestyle for comic fans. You do not have to spend a lot of money, just be creative or shop around in second hand shops and antiques stores to get amazing steampunk clothing. With our tips on what you need for the best steampunk look, you’ll catch your eye! What exactly is the steampunk style?

Steampunk is a fashion style based on the powered machinery of 19th century steam. It also includes elements of science fiction (lasers, robots, etc.) or technical inventions. Inspire yourself by Jules Verne – the godfather of Steampunk. The word steampunk was first used in the 1980s to describe a low technological variation of cyberpunk, though steampunk has only become popular as a style of clothing at the beginning of the 21st century. So to speak, it is a view of a future. The fashion is inspired by the Victorian era.

Colors in Steampunk clothing

Forget the colorful colors when choosing Steampunk clothing! The bright and dark colors are the best choice! We recommend brown, beige or dark blue. For women, the wine red is a must! Black is best when your steampunk outfit is in the Gothic scene. It is surprising, but you can also put on white clothes. First color them with tea or onion to make them look older. As a pattern, stripes are a trend in steampunk clothing. Notice the fabric too! In the 19th century, fabrics such as taffeta, leather satin or brocade were very popular with elegant outfits.

Ladies Steampunk Clothes

When you hear a Victorian look, you always have a sexy corset in front of your eyes. This part does not have to be missing in the ladies steampunk outfit. The corsage you wear over the blouse and combine with a wide skirt or dress. The shoes must be made of leather. Wide and long skirts describe the steampunk style but very short skirts or sexy underpants are very popular. A bolero leather jacket can complete your outfit.

Men’s Steampunk Clothing

The best men’s steampunk outfit is an undershirt, combined with leather and boot riding pants. Add a lot of metal to this clothing and we guarantee your eye-catching. The vests and the leather coats are a must for the men. For an evening event, put on an elegant tuxedo or three-piece suit.

The accessories for the steampunk outfit

With the accessories, let your imagination run wild! Dear Sirs, all you need is lots of metal, a melon, a pocket watch and a compass. Flying scarf, aviator goggles and aviator hat are never wrong with the Steampunk look. The googles can be worn on the nose or on the cylinder. Do not forget that the cylinders are only for men. But, with a pair of leather pants, a woman looks stunning with such a hat. The ladies can find cuffs, necklaces and brass buttons in an antique shop. Elegant gloves go well with an evening dress. Take a look at our other great examples and get creative ideas!

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