A flower-only garden is wonderful, but lacks the personal touch and features that characterize the style. Garden deco rust will bring a rustic touch to your garden and makes it a unique eye-catcher. The noble material rust gives the decorative elements a special charm and transforms them into unique pieces. The rust decorations are really an eye-catcher, but also have many practical advantages. The sturdy metal rod provides stability and weather resistance, so it brings you long time pleasure. The application possibilities are virtually unlimited. Whether you choose rust sculptures, charming lamps, rustic plant bowls or deco for Christmas or Easter, each piece is unique and makes your heart beat faster!

What is the rust?

As you already know, nobody wants the rust at home, but in the garden it looks rustic and unique! Actually, this precious rust, which is formed on the metal, protects the steel from further rusting. That’s why the grate elements are eternal 🙂 If, for example, you have decorative elements made of metal and you leave them in poor conditions, you already have garden deco rust. You can buy this decoration or do it yourself. Scroll down to see how it works.

Trends for garden decoration rust – which figures are in fashion

Almost every decorative element can get a rust look. But which are the trendy figures for your garden, look in our stunning picture gallery. However, this trend has been a recent trend in the USA for some years, and in Germany last year a top trend. The most popular are the various figures, such as animals, various lanterns and candlesticks. Globally known are the balls of rust and large sundials. Let your imagination run wild!

The best location?

Of course there is no rule where you will position your rust decoration in the garden. It would be a real eye-catcher, however, if you receive your guests with these unique pieces. For example, make a “welcome” table of stainless steel or use rust for lighting in the garden – candles, lanterns, anything is allowed. On the terrace, the rust decoration is also breathtaking and you will have all the curious eyes on your balcony. An important tip from us – Under no circumstances place your rust decoration next to stone or wood. Wetness causes rusting. This will change the color of your garden décor and cause stains. But if that has already happened, do not worry, at the hardware store you will find special materials for treatment. But note in general that the color of ferrous metals will self-rust over time.

How can you make garden decoration rust yourself?

The easiest option is to leave your metals garden decoration in the winter outside. Then nature will decorate everything 🙂 But there are also some other lighter variants. If you let the metal ornaments in the rain, you get the natural rust faster. Another option is with mineral spirits easy   rub off the surface with it. Rub the corresponding object several times with white spirit. Get your rust deco faster if you buy a chemical rust accelerator. The hydrochloric acid acts analogously. You can also create a rust look with effect paint. You can buy it from almost every hardware store.

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