The year 2018 is the year of short hairstyles. Some find them naughty, others especially sexy. Sexy is also called the spectacle wearer. Now imagine that we combine the short hair with glasses. We would undoubtedly have a particularly smart and unforgettable look. Cheeky short hairstyles for eyeglass wearers are countless – how do you find the right haircut” for you if wear glasses will find out in this post have fun>

You should not only look for the right eyewear, but also for the right short hairstyle!

The glasses are a fashion statement and become a real eye-catcher in recent years. No matter if the women have to wear diopters or not, they choose the eyewear look, because that’s how they differ from the others. We tell you which model is right for your face shape, and which hairstyle fits your glasses. However, which model is suitable for your type and face shape is of particular importance. The same applies to the hairstyles, whether they are cheeky short hairstyles for eyeglass wearers or not. Which short haircuts there are, you will experience the same. Immerse yourself in our world of beauty and be inspired!

Cheeky short hairstyles for eyeglass wearers – always newly styled!

Short hairstyles provide style and freshness. No matter if it’s pixie cut, undercut or delicate feminine short hair cut, the short hairstyles always look a bit cheeky. And that’s their charm! If you want to emphasize your face and show how the eyewear fits it perfectly, then the perfect short hairstyle is the pony for you. Cheeky short hairstyles look youthful, and combined with the glasses, make you look at least 10 years younger. Some people think that the short haircut does not look so elegant. But! Especially the spectacle wearers look fancier and smarter! In recent years, cheeky short hairstyles are increasingly seen on the red carpet. This shows that these hairstyles are also very suitable for special occasions. There are also some little things to choose from when choosing the right hairstyle for eyewear wearers. See here what they are:

Short haircut: pony

Pony is very popular this year and remains an absolute trend in 2018. For those of you who are not wearing big glasses, the ponny should be worn on the side. The forehead should be covered with pony. For this reason, you also avoid a straight bangs – it does not fit to wearer glasses rather, because it covers the face and the glasses. It looks super nice when the pony is loose and not too full.

Short hairstyle with strands

Another trend that will continue in 2018 are the strands and especially Ombré and Balayage. It is an absolute myth that these hairstyles are not suitable for short hairstyles. Here every model of eyewear is beautiful, as the bright strands open the face and draw attention to the glasses.

Cheeky short hairstyles for eyeglass wearers in no way means curls

Curly hair and short hair cuts are mutually exclusive. But that is not the case when it comes to soft waves. Romantic curls in combination with glasses brighten the face. But be sure to choose a discreet pair of glasses here.

Vertex: Here you are spoiled for choice -obside vertex, no vertex or center vertex

Haistyle for a special occasion

For the wearer with short hair cuts, no strands should fall on the sides of the face. You can tie a bun at the middle back of the head or braid a braid at the top. A ponytail is also a good option if it is long enough. Many examples and ideas for short hairstyles can be found in our picture gallery! Let yourself be inspired!

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