Today, feather tattoos are really modern and popular with both genders, so in this post we’ll give you 40 great design ideas to inspire you to create your own tattoo. Here you will also learn the meaning behind the motif and which body parts it is best suited. We hope you enjoy our suggestions, and hope you enjoy reading!

Feather tattoos have many hidden meanings

Feather tattoos impress with an aesthetic look and also have many hidden meanings that you can learn about in this article. The feather and the other bird motifs have long prevailed on the tattoo scene, are just as suitable for men and women, and can also be combined with other motifs – our photos can give you some great ideas in this regard. Depending on the appearance of the feather, the tattoo carries different symbolism and can also be linked to other cultures. Feather tattoos usually stand for freedom, carelessness and ease of life. Feather, like all other bird motifs, are also symbols of the element air, and for that reason they can sometimes be interpreted negatively – because the feathers move in the wind because of their lightness, they are also considered as a sign of the spontaneity of the character and reveal a personality, who in life often acts by feeling.

Feather tattoos as a symbol of creativity, intellect and communication

Feather tattoos are not only associated with birds and air, but also with creativity, intellect, communication skills and will. For centuries, quills and ink were the only writing materials that humanity knew. They were mainly used by scientists and writers, so the

As you surely know, the feathers are also a popular body jewelry for representatives of different cultures – for example, the Indians. For them, the pen symbols are for honors and are also used in the shaman rituals for communication with the spirit world. A feather tattoo with Native American design – especially if you choose Eagle Feather, will stand for strength and bravery of its wearer. Among the Celts, the spring motifs were also very common and used in various rituals. In ancient Egypt, the pen symbolized the souls of the deceased – if the soul was unencumbered, it would be light as a feather. In Buddhism, the peacock feather is a sign of openness, while in many Asian cultures, the feather is still considered as a mediator to the spirit world – just as with the Indians.

Feather tattoos are a good choice for both sexes

Depending on the desired symbolism, the presentation of the motif can vary greatly – from detailed to subtle and romantic, to very abstract. Very fashionable lately – especially with the ladies, are the little feather tattoos that look super elegant – for example on the bowl leg or on the wrist. Very modern and attractive are the

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