When decorating the apartment, the ceiling is often neglected. Mostly it stays white and bare or just plain decorated. But thanks to a successful ceiling cladding, they can lend the room an individual character and set original accents in the interiors. In this article you will find 40 examples of modern ceiling coverings that can help you to create a more beautiful atmosphere in your home.

Create the ceiling creatively

Modern ceiling cladding changes the rules of conventional design by playing with shapes, colors and textures. An original and creative design of the ceiling can transform the ambience in the room from scratch. It is recommended that you make the ceilings in your home in such a way that they appear higher in the living and dining room. This creates the visual effect for more freedom. In the kitchen and in the bedroom it is the other way around – lower ceilings are recommended to ensure a cozy and intimate atmosphere in these rooms.

Select the ceiling cladding

The ceiling cladding should be in line with the decor, wall paint, flooring and the holistic atmosphere in the room. Therefore, choosing among the many models offered in the market is not an easy task. Therefore, you should first think carefully, what kind of ceiling covering you need for the specific room, which colors and materials are suitable.

Playing with the colors

For a classic look, you can paint the ceiling and the walls in contrasting colors. Bright wall paint and dark ceiling or vice versa create a stylish and elegant atmosphere that would not go unnoticed by your guests. In a small apartment, you choose bright nuances for the ceiling, which make the room look larger.

Create an original atmosphere

It would also be a good idea to paint the ceiling and walls in the same color by using a bright shade for the edges. Colored corners and edges create contrast and are an original accent in the design of the room. It is even better if the color accents of the furniture complement those of the corners of the room.

Decorating the ceiling

There are a variety of ways to cover the ceiling. But if you want a truly original interior, you can design the ceiling to carry elements from your decoration to the walls or even the floor. So the uniqueness of the Atmoshäre is guaranteed!

Ceiling paneling with geometric motifs

Lately, the ceiling cladding with geometric motifs is very much in vogue. It is particularly stylish and combines well with the modern minimalist design. The geometric shapes bring structure in the room and create the feeling of more dynamic in the interior. A ceiling panel with geometric motifs can look super elegant and attractive when combined with matching modern-style furniture.

Suspended ceilings

Suspended ceilings were not only very common in the past – they are still enjoying great popularity today. This ceiling cladding is so popular because it can give any room a classic and elegant atmosphere. The suspended wooden ceilings are particularly stylish. In combination with warm wall colors such as red, yellow, orange, pink or light green, such ceiling cladding can create a cozy ambience. Even if the furniture is made of wood, then you can speak of real country style.

Covering the ceiling with decorative panels

The ceiling paneling with decorative panels is also ultramodern today. The panels made of wood or vinyl give a variety of possibilities for attactive ceiling design. You can even create three-dimensional effects that give the Interiour a unique character. This impressive ceiling cladding is also not expensive at all, adding to its popularity.

The role of lighting

When it comes to creative ceiling design, lighting plays a crucial role. Whether modern LED lighting or crystal chandeliers in retro style – the light bodies emphasize the originality of the ceiling paneling. The lighting effects also contribute much to the uniqueness of the atmosphere.

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