Undoubtedly every girl wants to look like a princess at her prom. For this purpose, not only the dress, but also the matching hairstyle is of great importance. Here you will find some useful ideas for modern and beautiful prom hairstyles that can contribute to your perfect look on this great day. Have fun while you go out!

High hair – the classic among the Abiball hairstyles

Pinned up hair is the classic among the Abiball hairstyles. They guarantee elegant appearance and stylish look, that is why most girls prefer this hairstyle. But if you have a more childlike face, the strict Dutt is not always the right choice. Then you can try a similar variant of this hairstyle: first tie the hair on a high ponytail, then divide it into two strands. Wrap one around the hair tie clockwise, the other – against. Finally, pin the two strands with elegant hair clips. Her hairstyle is ready!


When it comes to prom hairstyles, the lichens are also very preferred. The braiding is extremely versatile and in most cases easy to do. Whether classic herringbone braid, French braid or wreath braided to the wreath – this hairstyle looks really elegant. You can also complement them with a nice accessory – for example, a feather or a pretty flower. Unfortunately, the braid hair is moistens intended for long hair.

curly hair

If you have school-aged hair, rehearse a curly hairstyle! All they need is curling iron and hair lacquer, and the result is more than elegant. If you have long hair, you can put it in curls first and then tie them together into a loose ponytail. The tail can be attached with hair clips under the hair. This hairstyle is especially popular with the stars.

Abiball hairstyles for short hair

An elegant hairstyle is possible even with short hair. Short hairstyles are particularly modern today and can be easily made. A common variant is to toup the hair backwards.

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