You want to get a new tattoo, but you want a remarkable design that will catch everyone’s attention? Then a 3D tattoo is the right choice! Learn about these types of tattoos and find some pretty tattoo ideas for women and men to inspire. Let yourself be inspired and enjoy reading!

Get a 3D tattoo – fascinating ideas

3D tattoos are gaining in popularity lately and that’s not to be admired – sometimes they look so realistic that at first you can not decide whether or not it’s a tattooed image. This effect is created by special shading techniques that make the motif appear three-dimensional. Therefore, if you have the desire to get a 3D tattoo, you should definitely choose an experienced tattoo artist, so you will not be disappointed by the result. We can recommend that you just look on the internet and look for a picture gallery or get advice from someone who has already made such a tattoo. Of course there are so many motives to choose from – the image will be tattooed as normal on the selected part of the body and then the shading will be done giving it the special 3D effect. To help you make that choice, in this post, we’ve collected some intriguing 3D tattoo designs that you can easily duplicate or use as your own ideas. Take a look at the photos and get inspired!

Great 3D tattoos for men and women

Lately, the motifs from nature for tattoos are becoming increasingly popular. Ladies can choose flowers of any color, delicate leaves, butterflies or dragonflies. The men might prefer the geometric patterns, the moments are trendy. The same applies to biomechanics and old school tattoos in 3D optics.

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