Have you thought recently that the walls in your bedroom, living room or kitchen need refreshment? If so, this post is for you! Here we show you the fastest, easiest and cheapest way to create an attractive accent wall yourself, namely – with 3D photo wallpaper! This kind of wallpapers are currently very much in vogue and are ideal for the small” apartment> , because they not only look stunning, but also create the optical illusion for more space. Take a look at the photos below to see for yourself and read our tips! We hope that these could help you!

3D photo wallpapers are a real eye-catcher in every room!

A 3D photo wallpaper can make real miracles in your living room or bedroom and create a very different atmosphere. Today you can find very realistic photo wallpapers on the market, which not only conjure up very good optical illusions, but also give the feeling of being more spacious. The photo wallpapers with 3D effect are a real eye-catcher in every room, and thus unique accent walls can be designed – in this regard, our photos could serve as a model. This could save you time, effort and money – buying a photo wallpaper is usually much cheaper than repainting the wall. And what should you watch out for when choosing a 3D photo wallpaper for your own home? Not only your personal preferences and the furnishings of the room play a role, but also the right perspective. Read on to find out more!

3D photo wallpaper for the bedroom or living room selection

For the photo wallpaper with 3D effect, it is especially important that the image has a width – only in this case, it could appear three-dimensional. The landscapes are particularly well suited for this purpose – they give the feeling as if you are in the middle of the picture, and look into the distance. The matching motifs are enormous – a realistic wallpaper depicting a forest, field, beach or sky looks very romantic and soothing, and is just perfect for the bedroom. And when it comes to the living room, the photo wallpapers with urban motifs, as well as those with geometric patterns are a good choice – the last are really hip today, and look particularly chic. They are actually the best choice for rooms decorated in modern minimalist or elegant Scandinavian style. For the photo wallpaper you could even use a nice holiday photo – in this case your accent wall would undoubtedly be unique! Photos from architecture also look particularly interesting as a photo wallpaper – no matter if it is ultra modern or antique buildings. The angle is best from bottom to top.

The right perspective plays an important role

If you want to use the 3D photo wallpaper to visually increase the space, the correct perspective of the image also plays an important role. As already said, the image should have a certain “depth”, leaving the impression that you are currently in the middle of the three-dimensional representation. Achieving this effect is actually not difficult at first: first, a center should be chosen; through this center are diagonals that represent the corners of the floor and the walls; The room itself should be imagined as a square. These are the basic principles of the three-dimensional representation that one learns in school and which should match the wallpaper to create a great 3D effect. A stunning panoramic look would be achieved if you design not just one wall but also two walls with photo wallpapers. This should of course be two adjacent walls – for this purpose, the sitting area in the kitchen or in the living room is just perfect! In this way the landscape is widened, and the optical illusion becomes even stronger.

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