In Germany, the second Sunday of May is dedicated to all mothers and grandmothers. On Mother’s Day we say thank you to the women in the family for their boundless love and everything you have done for us. Surely you want to congratulate the dearest women for the celebration in a personal and creative way. That’s why we have collected some beautiful sayings, quotes and poems for Mother’s Day. You can, for example, write them next to your own greetings on the greetings card or choose a beautiful poem that your children memorize to make their grandma happy. We hope you enjoy our suggestions!

Sayings and Poems for Mother’s Day – Choose the variant you like most!

The mother is the only person in the world who loves you before he knows you.

When everyone gets tired, the power of a mother never falls.

(Richard Dehmel)

A mother has an ointment for every wound.

(Mongolian proverb)

A child without a mother is like a flower without rain.

(Indian proverb)

Mothers sometimes tread paths the angels fear to go.

My mother

No bird sits in fluff and moss
so warm in his nest
when I was on my mother’s lap,
on my mother’s arm.
And hurts my head and foot,
all the pain goes by,
Mother gives me a kiss
and pushes me to her heart.
Friedrich Güll
My heart knows no Mother’s Day
My heart knows no Mother’s Day,
it does not just love you today
but I like to give you the posy,
I know that you are happy.

Anita Menger

Love words

Love words, caresses,
I like to give you back.
So I say today: “Thank you,
for my rich children’s happiness! “
Anita Menger

Poems for Mother’s Day – the dearest women say thank you

I thank you

Dear Mother, Mother’s Day, I tell you
A huge one: thank you!
I thank you from the bottom of my heart,
For your love and the warmth,
For your goodness and your gifts,
For your heart’s gladness.
For your existence on dark nights,
For your care, your help …
I thank you –
That you are my mother.

Monika Minder

To the mother

Although no greeting, although no letter from me
As long as you come, do not leave no doubt
In the heart, as if the tenderness of the son,
I owe you, out of my chest
Escaped. No, as little as the rock,
Who lies deep in the river in front of eternal anchor,
From his place gives way, though the tide
With stormy waves soon, with gentle soon
Flow over it and snatch it from the eye,
So little does the tenderness give way for you
From my chest, though life’s electricity,
Whipped by the pain, now rushing over it
And soon stroked by the joy, still
She covers and never prevents her from not
Her head shows the sun and around
Thrown back rays and you
At each glance shows how your son adores you.

Johann Wolfgang von Goethe

I want to give you something nice

And you tear the clouds from the sky,
For the sun to warm your heart
And gently pamper you with mild days.

Monika Minder

Funny sayings and poems for Mother’s Day – please your grandmother or mother!

Dearest Mama One is true, you have always been there for me. I thank you for the celebration, because you are the very best.

Mother’s Day

When I get impatient,
I think of the patience of the earth,
which is said to turn daily
and annually as well as annually.
Am I there for something else?
I follow dear Mum.

Johann Wolfgang Goethe

Good things are rare, that’s why you only exist once! Much love for Mother’s day!

There are so many mothers here on earth, but one is the best and it’s mine! Happy Mothers’s Day!

Wash, iron, cook, clean, use this day differently! Let the work be, and enjoy the day in the sunshine! Happy Mothers’s Day!

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