Dear Christ Child,

I wish for Christmas …

… and here comes the question: “What should I wish for Christmas?” Many write a letter to Santa Claus, even though they have no idea what they want to get for Christmas. Well, we do not have super strength and we do not know what you want, but we can help you make it easier for others. How do we do that? In this post we give you valuable tips on how to create a wish list and creative ideas that not only make you happy as a gifted, but also give your donor joy! Let yourself be inspired!

What should I wish for Christmas – wishes in the material sense

There are two reasons why you can not create a wish list. One – you have everything, the second – plenty of possibilities. And never is none right. The solution – you need a bit of inspiration! And what should you do here? Find something on Amazon or just go to the travel agency? No! Everything you want is in your head and a wishlist can only help to set your priorities. Here are our tips on how to add to your wishlist

Create your wish list – valuable tips

  1. Put on a Pinterest board that will pinn the year over anything you like and want to get, but never buy yourself.
  2. Surely you have this period if you can write a list of wishes in the length of the Seine within 30 seconds – then take a notebook and a pen and off you go! Do not forget to keep this list somewhere safe!
  3. Avoid too much expectations and think of budget – you do not have to understand Christmas in the most material sense.
  4. If you are sure that you want exactly those wishes written in the wish list, then do not look at the wishlist!

For those of you who still believe in Santa, here are his postal addresses

To Santa Claus

Christmas post office

16798 Himmelpfort

Wish list templates for printing

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