Who does not love rocking? Imagine yourself swaying under the shade of the garden tree or on your balcony with a glass of wine in your hand. This is called a real relaxation. But that’s not just for kids. There are a variety of swings in the market. You can also do a swing for adults yourself. Get ideas from our inspiring image gallery and you will be able to design your own recreation area in the garden.

On a wooden swing for adults you feel like in the woods

A swing for adults made of wood is a classic in the garden. It fits perfectly with the whole interior and has a warm look. You can also hang the swing on the roof of the pergola. Combine the wood with metal chains for great resilience and modern look.

The hammocks are just romantic

Do not think that you can only hang a swing in the garden or on the terrace if you have plenty of room. Just decide for a hammock! Everyone loves gentle swing. The fine, elastic fabric adapts optimally to the body and surrounds it gently enough. You can also place more than one hammock in your backyard so your guests can relax after lunch.

Idea for DIY – Swing from Euro pallets

If you have already convinced of the advantages and charm of the swing, you will definitely want to do it yourself. We have a creative idea for you! Use Euro pallet. You can also paint them colorful and put a few pillows on it. Comfort and eye-catching! If you choose a larger range, you can turn the swing into a bed. Immerse yourself in the world of relaxation in the garden with our creative examples and choose the perfect swing for you!

The swing for couple: so romantic!

Enjoy the shade when choosing a swing with a roof

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