Have you ever wondered in your life which is the only thing that can improve our mood in the morning? Some call the coffee, the others – the breakfast. But where is the truth? Take the following answer literally – it’s right in front of your nose: every look at a beautifully painted wall creates a soothing ambience – hence your better mood. Whether you’re waking up in the bedroom, or cooking coffee in the kitchen, you’re casting the look of an inspiring wall color design to make your day fantastic. But now comes the dilemma: how should I paint the wall if I have no wall painting ideas? Do not worry because we have a creative solution for you: Give the wall its own character and charm with colorful graffiti!

The wall design ideas with graffiti are enjoying increasing popularity as a kind of renovation of old buildings to bring them to life. Moreover, the graffiti is a personal art, which is always a beautiful adornment for the facade of each building. Recently, graffiti has become more and more widespread – nowadays they are also a design tool for interior design. Painting the walls with graffiti is not just a matter of taste, but a good dose of courage is also part of it.

Wall painting ideas with graffiti for the bedroom

Graffiti in the bedroom? Why not! The wall painting ideas with graffiti can include a flowery design in soft hues that creates a cuddly feel. Whether on the wall behind or in front of the bed, a creative wall painting pattern exerts a positive effect on your mood. Designing the wall with graffiti is also a wonderful idea for the children’s room. Let the children choose the theme and conjure. With graffiti you create a personal touch of the children’s area. The graffiti wall design ideas are not necessarily just masculine. You can paint pink walls and give more wall design charm with girlish graffiti touch.

Tip: If you rely on the modern wall design with graffiti, furnish the room with furniture that has a simple design, creating a harmonious ensemble of colors, shapes and patterns.

Living room ideas wall design with graffiti

Speaking of living room: It is not just the area where you often spend more time alone or with family and friends, but also a spa temple where you can recharge your batteries. The wall design with graffiti in the living room creates an area that lets your imagination run wild. If you are a fan of video games, transform the living room into a playroom by creating colorful graffiti on the wall. The wall painting ideas with graffiti can transform any boring apartment beyond recognition, making it a pearl in the crown of the big city.

Wall painting ideas with graffiti for the kitchen

Why wallpapers stick to the walls in the kitchen instead of creating a nice wall design with graffiti. Give the kitchen a personal touch with some cheeky graffiti patterns.

Wall painting ideas with graffiti for the dining room

Some inhabitants of the big cities do not have big apartments, so they have to use every free space. Give the basement a new coat of paint with an effective graffiti wall design and transform the dark room into a stunning dining room.

Wall painting pattern for the hallway

The foyer is the calling card of your home, giving it a gorgeous look that will catch everyone’s eye.

Modern wall design with graffiti for the bathroom

The bathroom can also be an eye-catcher, only give the dusty bathroom a striking finish with graffiti wall design!

Other great ideas for modern wall design in urban style: painting graffiti on the wall

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