Design your own garden? Does that sound like a five-star romance? But! Even with little money and a few helpful tips from us you can make your own garden oasis. From cheap planting to DIY

Lots of green, lots of garden … a sea of ​​flowers and a cozy patio area with sophisticated accessories and cozy decoration. With a little patience and DIY ideas we can have it all in our own garden. Why should our wallet be satisfied? Everyone knows the story – their own home is currently being financed and the garden is always a minor matter. But designing a beautiful garden is not always an expensive thing. We already have the green around the house, what else do we need? The saying “time is money” applies to the plants and flowers. Take small plants, or for example trees and bushes and plant them as a basic framework. You save a lot of money here if you grow your own plants, propagate and breed. Seeds and seedlings can also be exchanged with neighbors or friends. From you plants, from us – ideas for flowerpots and planters. You will find many clever ideas in our picture gallery! DIY projects are not only suitable for planting, but also for anything you can imagine in your garden. Find out what else you can save!

Gardening with little money – what can we save?

The biggest cost factor is the planted areas. However, your garden should not always be designed completely with paved surfaces (as in the picture above). The cheap alternatives are water-permeable coverings made of gravel or grit.

A guide for this garden path can be found

Creative and colorful DIY idea for the flooring in the garden

A romantic oasis of well-being does not need expensive lamps

We have already designed our own garden, selected plants, now we can enjoy romantic summer evenings in the garden. Yes, but we need lighting. Everyone knows how expensive the garden lamps are and how much you need for a large garden. But to bring a romantic touch to your garden, you need DIY lamps. Take a look at how you can do it yourself:

What else do we need to feel comfortable – garden furniture. Look for bargains and you can buy beautiful rattan furniture online. Note, however, that for garden design with little money, the furniture can really go into the money. So far, we have shown you many upcycling projects for furniture made of europallets. They look vintage and have a special charm when they are decorated with cuddly blankets and pillows. The pallets are not just for DIY furniture, but also for flowerpot shelves. With a little bit of creativity, you can create beautiful decorations like these:

Creative Concrete Making: Make DIY mushrooms yourself as a garden decoration

Step 1:

Step 2:

Step 3:


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